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Perfect positioning with Unilite

A wholesaler’s success is often underpinned by the additional sales it can get from its customers, helping the business to bridge the gaps and become more profitable. Additional add on sales in areas such as portable lighting is one way that they can help to achieve this, offering customers a product they will need to complete their work efficiently and safely.

This is where Unilite comes in, with a range of exciting and differentiated portable LED lighting. The lighting range from Unilite is like no other on the market, with an industrial toughness, high-vis colours and bright high-quality LEDs.

In a sea of ordinary, Unilite tries to be a beacon of individuality. The best way to sell its range of lighting isn’t to keep them tucked away in a corner of a warehouse, but instead putting them pride of place on a trade counter or placed on a merchandising stand within the branch. To go one better, getting hold of Unilites range of point of sale helps you to display the products on visually appealing stands which will help the range to essentially sell itself.

Case study

An electrical wholesaler in the West Midlands has utilised Unilites range of point of sale material to great effect, helping it to surpass its sales target last year. The Sales Manager, Rory, comments: “The great thing with this range of point of SALE is that it really helps to show off the quality of the product, which in turn is thanks to the quality of the packaging.”

Rory says that aesthetics of one of the particular pieces fits in perfectly with his customer base, he adds: “Take this slatwall for example. It looks the business with its industrial metal feel and fits well with the types of customers we get. We hang several product lines on the euro hooks and just replace them when they are running low. It’s great as they catch the customer’s eye when they are waiting in the queue. We get loads of people who take one in addition to the other components they pick up.”


The slatwall is not the only point of sale Unilite has on offer, with some stands focusing on ranges such as headlights. Mark, who works at a regional wholesaler in Scotland, has found a benefit in this type of stand. “We only really sell headlights, apart from a few one-off site lights, so this stand works really well for us. The stand has enough space for three headlights to be displayed out the packaging, along with the addition of some euro hooks to the side. This way you can display the products packaging or increase the range of headlights on display.

“Our customers love the fact the headlights are out on display, giving them a chance to play with the settings and feel the high build quality.”

Unilite has many point of sale options available, all aimed at increasing branch sales. If you would like to take a look at them, or simply talk about them, contact: 01527 584 344

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