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Point of Sale : Unilite’s Range of Display Solutions

A look at the latest display solutions to help increase your in-store purchases

 In the fast-paced world of retail, the battle for consumer attention is fierce, and wholesalers must arm themselves with effective tools to elevate their in-store sales strategies. To thrive in this environment, wholesalers need effective tools

to enhance their in-store sales. Unilite understands the pivotal role that display stands play in captivating customers and maximising revenue potential.

Impulse purchases

Unilite’s range of display solutions are tailored to meet the diverse needs of retailers.

At the forefront of the line-up is a large floor-standing metal display stand, proudly bearing the “Built Tough” tagline. Featuring two downlights, 24 hooks, a spacious shelf and a clothes rail, this robust display stand offers ample space to showcase a wide array of Unilite products, from head torches, work lights, utility knives, workwear, tool bags and much more. You can now also buy Veto Pro Pac tool bags from Unilite and this large stand offers the perfect opportunity for displaying the two brands together. Designed to catch the eye and stimulate impulse purchases, this robust display stand is a game-changer for retailers looking to make a lasting impression on their customers.

For retailers seeking to optimise their countertop space, Unilite’s compact yet sturdy metal display stand with six hooks is the perfect solution. This stand is ideal for highlighting a smaller range of Unilite items and its eye-catching design and strategic placement at the point of purchase ensure maximum visibility and significantly helps drive impulse buys.

Empowering wholesalers

Investing in high-quality display stands is a strategic decision that Unilite has made as it helps yield significant sales for wholesalers. The company’s range of display solutions, characterised by durability, versatility and effectiveness, empowers wholesalers to create captivating shopping experiences that drive engagement and boost sales. With Unilite’s display stands, wholesalers can confidently stand out in the competitive retail landscape, attracting customers and maximising revenue potential.

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