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Redefining the Workwear Shopping Experience in Wholesalers | Carhartt

Nick Poulson, UK Sales Manager at Carhartt EMEA/PAC, explains how seasonal collections, advanced material technologies and dynamic POS resources can elevate your retail space and redefine the workwear shopping experience in wholesalers.

As electrical wholesalers, positioning your branch as the go-to destination for high-quality workwear can open up new commercial opportunities. Stocking workwear in-branch requires an understanding of its seasonal nature – spring/summer and autumn/winter. Carhartt has a selection of staple items loved by workers all year round, including sturdy trousers, versatile jackets and comfortable hoodies. But alongside these mainstays, two key seasonal shifts that bring fresh collections: the lighter gear for spring/summer and the robust attire for autumn/winter.

Summer colours

This spring/summer season, Carhartt has revitalised its line with a vibrant new colour palette, infusing the collection with energising hues. It means electricians can look and feel good on site and off. Key colours for men include Apple Butter, Tender Green, Loden Frost and Fog Blue while the women’s line includes delicate Lilac Haze and strong Dried Clay.

Lightweight packable anoraks are good examples of this colour update, offering a functional yet fashionable solution for the sometimes unpredictable summer weather. They pack down easily for convenience and feature breathable mesh lining and Rain Defender technology for dryness and comfort. These anoraks are now available in Tender Green and Lilac Haze colour options.

Layering is always key, particularly in summer and there are some key pieces that make this easy. The Relaxed Fit Midweight Short-Sleeve Pocket T-Shirt has breathable mesh side panels to keep you cool while getting on with the job while the iconic Carhartt K87 Pocket T-Shirt, a staple since ’92, now pops in fresh, summer hues of Loden Frost green, Apple Butter and Deep Lagoon blue for men and Lilac Haze and Dried Clay for women. Also in the new summer colours are the Midweight Logo Sleeve Graphic Sweatshirt, with a roomy fit that ensures freedom of movement and for women, the Logo Sleeve Graphic Sweatshirt is made of a soft, warm, stretchy fabric with the Carhartt ′C′ printed on the chest, jersey lined to stay cosy all day long.


Carhartt’s range goes beyond aesthetic appeal however, incorporating innovative material technologies that cater to the practical needs of electricians as the weather heats up. Carhartt’s Force is ideal for the warmer months. This isn’t a material – it’s a suite of features designed to enhance the performance, durability and comfort of workwear no matter how high the mercury rises. It incorporates Stainbreaker Technology for easy stain release, FastDry for moisture wicking, to keep the wearer cool and dry all day and has anti-microbial properties to fend off odours, maintaining freshness after long hours of work.

Rugged Flex technology gives extra stretch where it’s needed so the wearer can easily kneel, bend, crouch and reach. Even when working in cramped, hot spaces like lofts or under sinks, these clothes stay comfortable to move in. And let’s not forget the inevitable summer showers. Carhartt’s got it covered with its Rain Defender and Storm Defender technologies. Rain Defender offers a water repellent coating that keeps light rain at bay – water simply beads up and rolls off. For more severe conditions, Storm Defender comes into play with its waterproof yet breathable fabric, ensuring rain is kept out while allowing body heat to dissipate. The Storm Defender jackets combine lightness and durability, featuring waterproof seams for full protection.

Carhartt’s durable apparel is designed for longevity, but should your gear suffer from the occasional snag or mishap, there’s no need to discard your favourite pieces. The company offers free, easy-to-use repair kits which help extend the life of your Carhartt items right at home. Quick-fix iron-on patches can mend pants, bibs and jackets in no time, and replacing buttons or mending a zipper takes minutes.

Point of Sale

The key to showing customers what a range offers often comes down to good point of Sale (POS) materials. In a market where standing apart is key, expertly crafted POS displays, signs and banners are vital tools for capturing customer interest and cultivating brand recognition. These elements spotlight promotions and special products, directly steering consumer buying behaviour and bolstering sales. Carhartt engages with merchants to gain insights into your specific market and clientele, collaborating to fine-tune both product presentation and sales strategy. Carhartt’s Visual Merchandising Team breathes life into the retail space, meticulously arranging displays in prime locations to maximise visibility.

The power of branding and visual appeal within a retail environment is crucial. Carhartt’s distinctive imagery and core values are immediately recognisable as symbols of quality and resilience. To aid merchant partners in harnessing these elements, Carhartt offers a full suite of resources including an extensive image library and a detailed marketing toolkit. These tools are designed to be easy to use, enabling our partners to create compelling and effective in-store marketing that resonates with their customer base. By doing so, merchants can effortlessly make the brand’s values vividly present throughout their store.

With a vibrant new summer palette and innovative technologies, Carhartt offers workwear that stands up to the task, and the elements, with ease. Paired with strong POS materials and marketing support, merchants will be equipped to convey the essence of the brand, build customer relationships and boost sales growth.

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