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Point of Sale : Ecostrad’s Range of Efficient Electric Heating Solution

A look at the latest display solutions to help increase your in-store sales

Ecostrad’s point of sale display stand showcases the company’s impressive range of efficient electric heating solutions.

Central to the display is the bestselling iQ Ceramic – a smart electric radiator that comes with a wealth of energy saving features, including integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, voice control and a Motion Sensor Mode. Other products include the Allora iQ designer electric radiator, Fina-E iQ electric towel rail and the Heatglo patio heater, demonstrating the full scope of Ecostrad comprehensive suite of products.

Wholesalers can choose between a 600mm wide display without the Allora iQ or a 900mm wide display which comes with all listed products. Offering easy installation, lengthy warranties and superior control, Ecostrad’s products guarantee top quality across the board. Plus, all iQ heating solutions are compatible with the groundbreaking Ecostrad Ecosystem app – meticulously designed and developed entirely in-house to help streamline energy usage.

In addition to the point of sale display, Ecostrad provides wholesalers with extensive sales and marketing support as well as competitively priced solutions backed by first-class service. As a token of appreciation, you will also receive exclusive Ecostrad branded merchandise, including notepads, pens and mugs.

Established in 2014, Ecostrad’s heating solutions represent the very latest technological advancements and have been built with the customer in mind, suiting every space and budget.

Join over 170 wholesalers who have already embraced the Ecostrad point of sale display and can now offer cutting-edge and highly efficient heating solutions to their clientele.

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