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Out of the box

Any opportunity to generate revenue can’t be ignored by a wholesaler. The pennies make the pounds and the pounds stack into their… Read more

A new protocol

With a myriad of styles and finishes available for wiring accessories, Marie Parry, Group Marketing Director, Scolmore Group, looks… Read more

Charging forward

Garo spoke with PEW about the rise in popularity of EV charging and how and why there is so much growth in the market. In November… Read more

Picture perfect

The use of thermal imaging and industry’s awareness of its capabilities has increased dramatically in the last decade and the… Read more

Fire safety first

By being aware of the changes to the 18th Edition IET Wiring Regulations, wholesalers are in a much better position to advise their… Read more

Forward thinking

Investing in training for both wholesalers and installers, life-safety equipment manufacturer C-TEC is proud of its humble beginnings,… Read more

System story

A new survey commissioned by OGL Computer, among 255 managers of wholesalers and distributors in the UK, reveals that 88% are using… Read more

Venture Spotlight

Venture Lighting has been in the industry for over 35 years, building on a reputation known for innovation, manufacturing, advanced… Read more

Bright Ideas

Every month, new electrical products hit the market and wholesalers must decide which, if any, of these latest lines to add to their… Read more