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Trendi’s switches and sockets display boards | Point of sale

A look at the latest display solutions to help increase your in-store purchases.

One of the key aspects to the Trendi range of switches and sockets is the visual impact it conveys. Trendi is stunning, distinctive, and unique. With this in mind, Trendi is conscious of the need to offer all current and potential clients the necessary tools to promote these aesthetics. After all, what sells a product better than the product itself?

Trendi set about producing point of sale display boards, various detailed promotional literature and free standing display units (FSDU). The company’s aim is to make that instant impact not only with its designed wiring accessory but also at the point of sale.

Below is a quick breakdown of each piece of promotional material Trendi offers to see what could be right for you and help you increase your in store purchases.

Display boards

The real head turner and conversation starter. Available to all Trendi clients, this is the stand out piece for attracting attention. The colourful and vibrant display is a beacon in any wholesaler where the customer’s eye is drawn. From this, conversations begin, brochures are exchanged and sales prosper.

Trendi literature

Ranging from detailed A4 Brochure, to back pocket A6 catalogues and a handy six-sided Z-Flyer, Trendi offers this to all prospective and current clients.

Freestanding Display Unit

Where better to hold stock of the fast movers. Traditionally located close to a trade counter or retailer’s teller station, the FSDU offers clients a close up with Trendi and the option for a quick impulse purchase. The display is made from high quality cardboard and comes flat packed for ease of transportation. The FSDU’s stock holding is tailored to your specification and is provided free of charge with a stock profile to fill the unit.


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