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The partnership between products and positioning

Here, Joanne Mitchell, Marketing Manager for Werner UK Operations Limited, addresses the importance of a partnership approach with wholesalers when it comes to effective Point of Sale.

Space is a valuable commodity for all wholesalers. With every supplier vying for prime position in store, it can be a real challenge for wholesalers to juggle the demands of its partners who want as big a presence as possible, whilst also ensuring that the inside space is not cluttered and looks attractive to customers.

Obviously the product has to be in demand, otherwise, regardless of how strong the commercial proposition is, it will not take pride of place. A partnership approach is arguably the best way for both parties to benefit and one that WernerCo has enjoyed success with by working together with wholesalers.

With smaller product lines, POS and product display is easier to manage. Of course, product position on or around the counter is the Holy Grail for companies wanting to catch the customer’s eye.

Ladders are notoriously difficult to display, and for that reason, many wholesalers miss valuable sales opportunities every day because products are out of sight, yet ladders are bought by tradesmen day in, day out.

Understanding the business of the wholesaler we are dealing with is another key factor. The type of POS used will be dependent on the size of the premises and their customer focus.

The increase in importance of design, and presentation of display material driven by greater competition, has also meant that all brands have had to up their game to offer a raft of different options. A range of product literature, counter posters, rack branding, and outdoor banners are also important.

Working together

Product POS should also be accompanied by in-branch staff training, regular customer demonstrations, breakfast mornings and training days. This can also be complemented by the wider communication and promotional activity.

How can we help?

One way that WernerCo works with wholesalers in this area is with its Tactical Display Units (TDU), which allows compact display for up to five products (size dependent). Designed for use at gondola ends or for neat positioning around the counter, the Werner or Youngman branded units are available as 1, 1.5 or 2m wide to enable stores to choose a size that works for their specific space. The units can also be displayed outside the store’s main entrance. The TDUs can hold a range of products including aluminium and fibreglass ladders, work platforms and extension ladders. Alongside the units themselves, WernerCo offers a range of branded POS items to dress the TDUs. Two side mounted POS panels and a kickboard are supplied with each unit, and wallboards and external vinyl banners are also available. The design is beneficial for two reasons: firstly it provides safe storage, and secondly the units are designed to showcase a variety of product styles within one display, which is beneficial for wholesalers because it gives them the flexibility to push certain product lines over others.

To learn more about the Point of Sale opportunities available from WernerCo, visit: www.wernerco.com/eu

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