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Selectric reports on some prestigious projects which feature the 5M-PLUS range

The 5M-PLUS range is Selectric’s first screwless plate design. Minimal and elegant, the range consists of a clip on front plate which covers the base of each product, metal rockers and LED neons.

Each accessory has a metal screwless plate which easily clips on once the product has been successfully wired up. This means the front plate can be applied after decorating, avoiding any paint mishaps, and resulting in a neat and clean finish. The products feature integral gaskets to prevent moisture transferring from the wall to the product. This ensures your plate remains untarnished. It is incredibly easy to change the faceplate whenever you might decide, either as a direct replacement or for a different interior style should you choose to redecorate, all possible without the need for any special tools or expert electrical knowledge.

The neons within the range are all LED for improved energy efficiency and have a sleek, streamlined aperture. Unlike traditional neons which take a few seconds to warm up, the LED neons reach full brightness as soon as the power source is switched on. The lifespan of the neon is not affected by the number of times you flick the switch.

The 5M-PLUS products fit all standard metal back boxes and dry lining boxes, allowing a simple exchange for any products you may already have installed. Many of the accessories in the range are CE and UKCA approved and comply with the very latest standards. There is a five year plate guarantee across the range for ultimate peace of mind.

Selectric’s GRID360 range is also worth a mention. With modular plates and modules available that correspond with all 5M-PLUS finishes, it makes it incredibly easy to create any arrangement of personalised products. There are over 300 items totalling thousands of combinations possible to suit every need. Plates are available with up to 12 apertures and there is no need for a yoke system; modules screw directly into the back of the plates. Bespoke lasering is available on request which is ideal for multiple switch combinations.

A recent overhaul to the 5M-PLUS packaging has resulted in less plastic waste to reduce carbon emissions and help protect the environment. Selectric made a resolution to reduce the total amount of plastic used in the manufacturing process, and because of this the products now come in recyclable bags, with the heavier products such as two-gang USB sockets and shaver units being presented in biodegradable cardboard inner boxes.

The range has been specifically selected for use in many building projects, some of which are highlighted below.

Romans International, Surrey

Hillman Architects and SJ Martin & Co. has been working with Romans International to extend the firm’s luxury car showroom making it one of the largest luxury car dealerships in the UK. Although the structure of the existing Ford buildings has been kept, an extensive renovation has taken place inside and out. Selectric’s contemporary 5M-PLUS satin chrome with grey insert range has been used throughout the large open-plan area, providing the ultimate combination of quality and style.

The Other House, South Kensington

The Portfolio Club has refurbished the former Harrington Hall Hotel, which has been empty for six years, and brought it back into use under the new brand name – The Other House, which is located close to Hyde Park and Knightsbridge and on the doorstep of some of London’s most iconic cultural landmarks. Taking a strong stand on environmental responsibility, The Other House was designed to promote physical and mental wellbeing. Built sustainably, they used natural products wherever possible. With tree-filled courtyards and green roofs, they created a sanctuary in the heart of the city to relax and restore. Selectric collaborated with the designers and contractors and created a bespoke antique brass screwless plate for this project. Selectric also developed some custom toggle switches exact to the client’s requirements whilst complementing the traditional style of the refurbishment, showcasing the very best in British craftsmanship and award-winning design.

Southampton Harbour Hotel & Spa, Ocean Village

Southampton’s only five-star hotel, the Southampton Harbour Hotel & Spa has transformed Ocean Village. Set on a small, private marina with a striking ’super yacht’ style design, the critically acclaimed flagship hotel is known for its stunning contemporary interiors. On the ground floor, The Jetty restaurant drifts out onto an extensive outdoor terrace, featuring luxury relaxation pods to take in the marina views. The hotel was named ‘Hotel of the Year’ at the prestigious C&IT Awards. The 5M-PLUS screwless range in satin chrome grey insert was used throughout this project.

The 5M-PLUS range has gone from strength to strength and due to increased demand Selectric has developed eight combinations of popular plate finishes and inserts, the most recent being matt black. The matt black finish features a new hard wearing chip resistant paint formula making it much tougher than previous versions. Furthermore, the new paint technique conforms to all the latest environmental regulations in order to control pollution and manage natural resources with the purpose of protecting the environment.

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