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Scolmore group | Brochure

Scolmore Group has released an updated version of its ‘Specification Solutions’ brochure.

The new brochure brings together the ever-increasing range of products from across the businesses operating within the Scolmore group – Click, ESP, Ovia, Unicrimp and Sangamo.

Designed as a valuable resource for specification teams working on a range of building projects, the brochure highlights the benefits that using Scolmore Group products can bring to a project, helping to quickly identify the right products and solutions for any given application, whether based on cost efficiency, speed of installation, energy savings, sustainability credentials, legislative compliance, or health and safety.

The brochure is divided into sections that cover the full spectrum of building environments – Residential, Healthcare, Hotel and Leisure, Education, Commercial, Industrial and Data Centres. Each section highlights the products and ranges that are most suitable for the particular sector in question, with details of the specific features and benefits of those products that make them the best choice for the job. However, Scolmore prides itself on its flexible approach and has a team of in-house designers available to assist in finalising bespoke specification requirements.

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