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Bright future for Aurora Lighting after acquisition by Galaed Group

Following an acquisition by the Galaed Group, ambitious plans are underway for Aurora Lighting to refocus solely on the UK market.

Dedicated to unlocking the potential for the next stage of growth and transformation, private equity firm B & Capital has invested in the Galaed Group with clear ambitions for Aurora and its notable product innovations. With an impressive €110m turnover, Galaed has the capability and resources to drive the Aurora Lighting brand forward.

The formation of Aurora Lighting UK Ltd will enable the company to return to its roots as an experienced designer and manufacturer of lighting solutions committed to meeting the needs of the UK market. As a specialist in LED lighting, Aurora engineers and delivers reliable, compliant, high-performing, and simple to install products to a wide range of customers including wholesalers, contractors, and specifiers.

This exciting acquisition has bolstered Aurora’s already strong market position to ensure it stands the test of time, while working to make the business more agile and streamlined. It is a significant opportunity to relaunch the business while retaining its existing and experienced management team, the same popular product ranges and excellent marketing services. This is all underpinned by a supportive and loyal UK customer base, who will continue to receive the outstanding levels of service and quality they have come to expect from Aurora Lighting.

Aurora Lighting will undoubtedly benefit from the Galaed Group’s expertise and focus on growth. Created in 2020, the Group brings together five different companies – with Aurora being the fifth – that all specialise in the manufacture and sale of lamps and luminaires.

A leading player in lighting solutions, Galaed has quickly earned the respect of the industry following several successful and recent acquisitions of notable lighting companies that have a strong place in the market including Miidex Lighting, Electra, Hoplights and Europole. With a specific focus on wholesalers and the electrical contractor, Galaed recognised the potential in Aurora Lighting as an innovative and forward-thinking company.

Entwining the two companies even further, Galaed Group President, Sebastian Bonneville, worked at Aurora Lighting for six years. He left to start Galaed, retaining the knowledge of Aurora’s potential, so when the opportunity to acquire the business arose, he knew it was a wise move.

The acquisition is being seen by Galaed Group and Aurora Lighting as a true collaboration. With a number of synergies, the customer base will benefit from an improved supply chain, more innovation thanks to improved resourcing, and better efficiency levels leading to growth. There will also be many opportunities for sharing best practice across all five companies within the group.

The immediate focus will be the new product range for 2023, as well as more customer engagement opportunities. In the long-term, Aurora Lighting will improve many of its processes, as well as increasing, and promoting, the company’s commitment to Environmental Social Governance.

Sebastien Bonneville, President of the Galaed Group, said: “When progressing with the new arrangement, the opportunity for Aurora to be 100% focussed on the UK market was too good to be missed. This is the start of rebuilding the business, the brand and returning Aurora Lighting back to its rightful place in the UK market. Galaed Group shares the same route to market as Aurora, as well as the same focus areas – residential, commercial, industrial and retail. Aurora can undoubtedly bring value to the group, so we are looking forward to joining forces as we move forward.

“COVID and the international situation is now allowing us to focus on our market. It is perfect timing for us to do this.”

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