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Selectric’s product innovation sets them apart from other electrical manufactures

Selectric is committed to innovation that anticipates the needs of clients. New products are vital for the growth and success of any business and Selectric believes that it is this proactive mindset that sets it apart from other manufacturers in the electrical industry.

With the strategic appointment of new key personnel and the development of cutting-edge product ranges, backed by compelling new literature and marketing endeavours, Selectric is firmly positioned for future growth. As the company forges ahead, it maintains focus on continuous development, regularly listening to the electrical marketplace and collaborating with industry stakeholders to develop new products that align with their ever-changing needs.

Recent feedback has driven the company to invest significantly in its smart accessory range and other new and exciting products, coming throughout 2023 and 2024.

5M and 5M-PLUS ranges

The 5M and 5M-PLUS ranges have long been a staple in the success of Selectric’s wiring accessories ranges, and new finishes are always being explored in line with current market trends. Among them is an exclusive new handcrafted dark bronze finish for a classic heritage look. Bringing added warmth and depth to the overall interior style, this luxurious metal adds a feeling of class and elegance to the overall aesthetic of any room.

The dark bronze is a durable finish which is worth considering if you have a busy family environment at home and will not dull over time. From modern to industrial or traditional settings, this finish adds a touch of sophistication making it a versatile choice for both residential and commercial spaces.

Part M series

In response to the growing popularity of the Part M series, Selectric will be expanding the range with additional USB outboard rocker options. With a keen eye on inclusivity, the contrasting colours of the Selectric Part M plates and inserts help assist the visually impaired and allow easy location of the wiring accessories against the surrounding environment.

Furthermore, the entire range boasts full antimicrobial certification, so you can rest assured with peace of mind that using these ranges will not assist in the progression of these kinds of bacteria.

Selectric GRID360 Kinetic

Significant time and capital have been invested in the research and development of an innovative range of state-of-the-art wireless products, set to be released as Selectric GRID360 Kinetic.

Powered by cutting-edge technology, wireless Kinetic switches remove the need for batteries or hardwired power cables without detriment to the dependability of traditional wired switches. There is no need for any complicated cable runs within walls and they can be installed on any surface to provide a clean, convenient, and safe system that is simple to install and easy to use.

The Selectric GRID360 Kinetic wall switches have been proven to be reliable in quality, stable in signal transmission, and well designed in appearance which will fit into the ever-popular GRID360 range of products. Furthermore, the Selectric GRID360 Kinetic system uses a very small amount of energy and so reduces overall power consumption, which will result in economic savings and contribute towards an improved carbon footprint.

There is a wide range of kinetic receivers to choose from to solve real-life controlling requirements and Selectric will be offering a range of non-dimmable, dimmable, and smart receivers, suitable for wide input voltage from AC85-240V 50/60Hz. The lowest and highest brightness level can be set by an app on the smart dimmer. This helps the performance and compatibility of the dimmer to suit more dimmable light fittings whilst avoiding flicker and slow response issues often found with smart dimmers. A 30-150m transmission range (depending on context) ensures the switches will perform steadily under complex indoor or outdoor installations.

Investment in tooling and certification has also led to the development of additional new products, including:

  • USB modules
  • Illuminated grid modules
  • Medical sockets
  • Isolator Grid modules
  • Spacers
  • Hotel key cards
  • Outboard rockers/sockets – clean earth & USB
  • Lockable euro modules
  • Emergency red accessories
  • Decorative pendants
  • Decorative ceiling switches
  • DC solar isolators
  • ATOM CCT ranges
  • Integrated fire-rated LED CCT downlights with plug-and-play connectors

Future ready

Selectric’s commitment to innovation also extends beyond product offerings. With a refreshed brochure set to inspire in the coming year and an expanded digital presence through the website (www.selectricuk.co.uk) and on social network channels, there is serious investment going into the future of the company.

Wholesalers and their valued clients remain the cornerstone of Selectric’s success, and the company pledges to continue providing them with an unparalleled experience in order to future proof their position in the market.

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