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Point of sale: SEELight’s latest display solutions

A look at the latest display solutions to help you increase your in-store purchases.


SEELight is a new and upcoming independent LED supplier based centrally with 6,000sq foot warehouse facilities in Milton Keynes, providing a range of LED products.

Safe – Efficient – Eco light identified a place in the market where wholesalers struggled to find affordable LED lighting systems. The company hopes to improve consumers’ awareness of their energy consumption and help them save more to reduce the cost of living and their carbon footprint.

As a contemporary company, SEELight seeks gaps and innovative products to continue improving its market offerings, bringing safe, efficient, economical, green and affordable lighting to the UK.

Twilight is a cost effective all-in-one lighting system that effortlessly allows the contractor to recommend and install the beautiful aesthetic finish that LED can provide. The system is perfect for those looking for task, accent and mood lighting, automatic on and off lighting to cabinets and wardrobes, incorporating the plug-and-play ease of optional switch sensors.

Talking point

Adding a Twilight display board to your showroom will create a talking point for your consumers, maximising your opportunities to sell LED. There is a lot of talk in the public domain about rising energy bills and its impact on everyone, as well as the green agenda. SEELight’s new point of sale will provide the perfect opportunity to discuss LEDs’ huge cost-saving and long-lasting benefits versus older lighting technologies, highlighting its ability to help consumers stave off the recent impact of rising energy bills.

SEELight’s display board has been designed so the wholesaler can easily switch sensor functions in their showroom, allowing electricians to interact and experience its components so they can easily explain its features to their customers.

Whether they want touch dimming, a wave on and off or the versatile cabinet door sensor creating that beautiful synchronised fade-in and out to a door, cabinet or wardrobe, wholesalers can demonstrate it in person to their customers. Twilight gives you flexibility with endless customisations for all types of applications.

Seamless sale

A SEElight branded digital Twilight customer selection guide also helps to make the sale seamless with easy steps. Alternatively, SEELight can help you market your brand by inserting your company logo, email and telephone details into the catalogue.

SEElight prides itself on putting the customer experience at its forefront. Reach out today to see how SEElight can look to help you, order a display, or just for a chat.

Martin Perry, Sales Assistant at CEF Bletchley, said: “With a comprehensive list of available LED strip displayed with all options being visible and clear, customers can definitely SEE the LIGHT.”

For more information, click here or please contact sales@seelight.co.uk or call 01908 313 083.

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