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New hybrid solar inverter | GoodWe

GoodWe has launched a new hybrid solar inverter as demand for residential energy storage solutions continues to grow across the UK.

The ES G2 Series is a single-phase, low voltage hybrid inverter developed to meet the evolving energy needs of domestic properties by increasing the self-consumption of solar energy generated on site.

Its integrated plug-and-play functionality and compact, lightweight design means solar PV installations can be quicker and easier to complete than ever before. Meanwhile, its smart home integration makes it the long-term choice for forward-thinking homeowners. A key feature of the ES G2 is its automatic switching to back-up power mode in less than 10ms when connected to a battery if there’s a power cut, ensuring minimal disruption and key appliances remain in operation.

Another smart feature of the ES G2 is that it is set up for multi-protocol communications. This allows homeowners to connect to the inverter in three different ways, over Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi and LAN, and over 4G, enabling them to monitor the system at all times, whether at home or remotely.

The powerful, single-phase inverter is available with outputs ranging from 3-6kW and, thanks to its peak-shaving function and parallel operation, multiple units can work in tandem to offer a combined capacity of up to 30kW.

The ES G2 enhances operational safety with remote shutdown as well as a range of other safety features to provide all-round protection for the inverter and the whole PV system.

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