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Schneider Electric has introduced MasterPacT MTZ Active, a revolutionary new low voltage air circuit breaker designed to set new benchmarks for efficiency and sustainability.

In a world increasingly driven by electricity and digitisation, MasterPacT MTZ Active enables data centre customers to respond to complex challenges, including 24/7 uptime demands, spiraling energy costs and urgent calls for sustainable practices.

The first MasterPacT product was launched 35 years ago, and ever since has been synonymous with circuit breaker innovation and reliability. Now, with smart, connected power distribution becoming a must-have, Schneider Electric is revolutionising the MasterPacT range to advance circuit breaker performance in the data centre.

The new MasterPacT MTZ Active’s control unit speeds mitigation with an industry-first QR code solution. Data centre operators can scan the code to access comprehensive instructions to optimise decision-making on the most effective restorative actions to take, in order to reduce data centre downtime.

MasterPacT MTZ Active also sets new benchmarks for safety in the data centre. An Energy Reduction Maintenance Setting (ERMS) guards maintenance personnel against arc flash hazards, and the control unit’s intuitive design facilitates the setting of all protection functions, including current, time delays and alarms.

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