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TIME LED | Eye-catching point-of-sale (POS) displays to promote the latest products

A look at the latest display solutions to help you increase your in-store purchases.

Your retail store is premium advertising space and maximising the use of eye-catching point-of-sale (POS) displays can promote the latest product ranges and boost sales. The three main types of POS are wall-mounted displays or posters, counter-top and free-standing. They are often used in combination for maximum effect. TIME LED supplies these types of POS to support the brand.

  • A free-standing display unit (FSDU) or dump bin enables easy access to products for the potential buyer compared to shelving. When positioned close to a walkway, or the point of purchase, the Storm Batten dump bin (which fits a quarter-pallet of TIME LED Elements Storm Battens) has proved popular with tradespeople. The units are produced with double-walled corrugated board and have an eye-catching fine print finish.
  • A wall-mounted panel of TIME LED lights with lanterns, wall lights and downlights in black, brushed steel, brushed chrome and copper models allows the customer to see a whole range of lighting products, often viewed at a height comparable to the envisaged final installation.
  • A further option is to use the height of the retail space. TIME LED supply an easy-to-install ceiling tile of pendant lighting and decorative lamps with spiral LED filaments. It improves customer experience; they can see the lighting hanging and appreciate the products’ attraction.

Each type of POS display brings the products off the shelf and into the minds of the potential customers increasing the opportunity of impulse purchases.

For more information about the point-of-sale options available from TIME LED please email: led-sales@pitacs.com or telephone: 01908 010345

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