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Eterna Lighting launches POS unit for its LED battens

Eterna Lighting has launched its Point of Sale (POS) unit for its LED Battens.

The cardboard display unit will hold 30 LED Battens and has a footprint of 680 x 670mm and includes a stock of leaflets.

The challenge with LED Battens is length of the product, and the number of SKUs in the range, so Eterna believe this POS unit is a perfect solution.

The company says that there is sufficient stock within the profile to re-stock the POS before the wholesaler would have to make a replenishment order

The profile features five SKUs from the EternaPro Range of LED Battens which is supported by a five year warranty from installation.

The display unit will be delivered flat-packed to the wholesaler along with the profile of batten and includes assembly instructions for the POS.

In addition, Eterna Lighting has made an assembly video to construct the box, available at www.eternalighting. co.uk .

George Smith, Sales Director at Eterna Lighting, comments: “It’s been an invaluable tool in driving LED Batten sales and shows how our brand is developing with innovative marketing tools that help our valued partners increase sales.”

Wholesalers can contact their Key Account Managers or the Eterna Sales Office on 01933 673 144

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