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Cattano | SocketMate distributor starter pack

Cattano is offering wholesalers its countertop display unit for its latest product, SocketMate, in order to push through sales at the counter.

Cattano is offering a distributor starter pack, comprising a countertop display unit and an initial stock of SocketMates. The display unit includes a moveable section, allowing customers to try the product at the counter.

SocketMate is a simple, time-saving device for levelling sockets. In addition to a spirit level vial, it features recesses for easy screwdriver access, a flanged edge to ensure good grip, and a central bevel which allows the electrician to view the bubble position from above.

The exciting new product from Cattano was launched at Elex earlier this year and received an enthusiastic reception.

To find out more about the Socketmate and the distributor starter pack, click here.

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