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Scolmore Group’s latest additions to Fort smart security range

As the market for smart home products continues to grow, Katie Plumstead, Group Marketing Manager with Scolmore Group company ESP, looks at some of the latest additions to the company’s Fort smart security range.

It is now approaching two years since ESP launched its range of Fort smart security products and the range continues to be popular both for the installers fitting the products and the wholesalers stocking the range, with its choice of easy to install and set up security solutions.

Fort is a complete range of smart security products, which includes intruder alarms, video doorbell, video security light, sensors and a selection of 1080p cameras. They all operate under a single app – the ‘Click Smart+’ app – which is completely subscription-free, with no additional fees incurred. By bringing the operation of the new Fort range under the well established, tried and tested Click Smart+ app from Scolmore, users have control of a raft of connected home and security products all from one secure, easy to access platform.

The Fort smart security range offers accessibility and simplicity for both the installer and end user and has been designed to bring simple, smart solutions together for a safer and more comfortable home. The range features contemporary styling and has been designed to be simple to install, maintain and use and provide a hassle-free security solution.

At the heart of the Fort smart security range is the smart intruder alarm, which will support up to 32 RF devices and provide remote monitoring and alert notifications directly to the Click Smart+ app. The smart alarm is available in handy kits or can be purchased as separate devices for a tailor-made system.

Straightforward install

There are six different kits in the range, with the basic kit containing one each of the following – a smart hub, PIR, door/window contact and remote control. Other kits offer an additional number of PIRs, door/window contacts and remote controls, and there are two kits which include Pet PIRs. All devices supplied within the kits are pre-registered, to assist with a straightforward install.

The Wi-Fi smart alarm hub includes an inbuilt siren, back up battery with up to eight hours’ standby time and GSM back up facility (SIM not included) for additional system security. The hub is compatible with a range of battery powered RF devices that can be controlled to provide whole home security in and around a property. In addition, the Fort range includes Wi-Fi security devices such as a video doorbell, video security light and a selection of 1080p cameras, all of which are supported on the same app and do not require any additional subscription fees other than a Wi-Fi connection. Accessories include remote keypad, pet friendly PIRs, vibration sensor and an option of a solar powered or wired external siren for an additional intruder deterrent.

The range also includes a smart alarm keypad which provides a central keypad that is usually positioned in entrances and hallways.  The keypad requires the Smart Alarm Hub and provides users with arm, disarm, home mode and panic functions.

The Fort range also offers a range of security devices that does not require a hub. By connecting directly to Wi-Fi, the various devices add an additional layer of security to your property. The range of security devices includes a video doorbell to monitor visitors, security floodlights with inbuilt cameras to deter intruders at night and a range of simple to use cameras for a range of applications, such as monitoring loved ones and pets or simply to provide reassurance whilst monitoring your property.

Appy days

ESP believes a key element to the success of its smart security range is its subscription-free app. Unlike some systems on the market which will provide a free basic system, but charge for additional devices and functions, users of the Fort smart security system, powered by Click Smart+, have full access to all devices and functions with no subscription fee or hidden costs to pay. The app provides an easy-to-use platform to remotely arm and disarm the system, whilst producing real time events such as activations and low battery indication status. In addition, the app supports a range of Click Smart+ home automation products which enables a range of sockets and switches to be activated in certain system scenarios.

The Fort Smart Security brochure can be downloaded at www.espuk.com as well as from the Scolmore Group app, and a video can be viewed here.

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