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Redefining Home Safety with Multi-Sensor Fire & CO Alarms: A Clearer Approach

Home safety is paramount, especially in today’s world, where comprehensive protection is crucial. Single-sensor Fire and Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms, though essential, only offer part of the solution. This is where multi-sensor Fire and CO alarms step in, combining multiple individual sensors in a single unit for enhanced protection and convenience.

Meeting Modern Home Needs:

Multi-sensor Fire Alarm: Imagine an alarm like Aico’s Ei3024, equipped with both optical and heat sensors to detect smoke and heat. Its intelligent software ensures these sensors work together for optimal performance. Including dust compensation and an insect shield to minimise false alarms. These alarms are ideal for hallways, landings, living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms.

Multi-sensor Fire & CO Alarm: Aico’s Ei3028 combines a tried and tested thermistor heat sensor and a proven electrochemical CO sensor creating an ideal solution for kitchens.

The Ei3030 takes a different approach, incorporating an Optical and Heat sensor alongside a CO sensor. This makes it perfect for areas outside the kitchen where fire and CO detection are required.

This offers significant advantages. Installation becomes a breeze, as it fits onto existing easi-fit bases, making it an easy upgrade. Combining these essential functions eliminates the need for multiple units, saving time and minimising wiring.

Why the Ei3030 Stands Out:

Fire Response: The device contains a Thermistor Heat Sensor and high-performance Optical Sensor that intelligently work together, but will also operate independently.

CO Response: The proven electrochemical CO Sensor provides an accurate CO response. The CO response is in line with BS EN 50291-1:2018.

Visual Indicators: The Ei3030 has visual Fire and CO indicators. The relevant indicator flashes depending on what has triggered the alarm, making it easy to distinguish the type of emergency. As well as featuring different audible alerts for CO and fire detection, adhering to BS EN 50292:2023 specifications.

Kitemarks: This device holds Kitemarks for British Standards BS EN 14604:2005, BS 5446-2:2003 and BS EN 50291-1:2018.

Customer-focused design: Developed in response to customer requests, the Ei3030 combines three crucial sensors: heat, optical, and CO. This innovative integration offers comprehensive fire and CO detection for various environments.

Enhanced convenience and reliability: With three sensors in one unit, the Ei3030 provides both convenience and peace of mind. No more choosing between different products or worrying about the number of units needed. This user-friendly device delivers the best of all worlds.

Commitment to innovation: This development showcases Aico’s dedication to continuously listening to customer feedback and delivering cutting-edge solutions that address evolving needs.

Streamlined installation: Installers can achieve comprehensive fire and CO protection with fewer Ei3030 units, making the process efficient and convenient for both installers and users.

Advanced features: The Ei3030 goes beyond sensor integration. It boasts rechargeable lithium backup batteries for a hassle-free experience, AudioLINK+ compatibility for detailed information on smartphones or tablets, and SmartLINK compatibility for centralized control and monitoring.

Versatility: Suitable for installation in any room except the kitchen and garage, the Ei3030 eliminates the need for multiple alarms while maintaining comprehensive coverage. This reliable and efficient unit detects both fire and CO hazards, ensuring peace of mind throughout your home.

Navigating BS 5839:6 for optimal home safety:

Choosing the right grade and category of smoke alarm system for your property is crucial, as outlined in British Standard BS 5839:6. Rented properties require Grade D2 Category LD2. For private dwellings, Grade D2 Category LD2 applies to new or altered properties, while Grade D3 is sufficient for existing homes. Remember, understanding how different categories provide varying levels of protection based on fire risk is key to maximising occupant safety.

Category LD2: Offers detectors in all escape routes, high-risk areas (kitchens), and the main habitable room.

Category LD3: Provides detectors in all escape routes.

Multi-sensor alarms, by detecting both Fire and CO in one unit, eliminate the need for multiple alarms while maintaining comprehensive coverage and minimising wiring and installation.

Smart, Connected, and Future-proof:

Aico’s 3000 Series offers “full circle” protection with the ability to detect both fire and CO, simplifying product selection for your entire property. Additionally, wireless Radio Frequency (RF) technology provides a convenient and flexible alternative to traditional wired systems, keeping things neat and tidy. Products like the Ei3000MRF Module allow for wireless interconnection, ensuring all alarms sound when one is triggered, and data extraction for enhanced monitoring via the Ei1000G Gateway.

By choosing multi-sensor Fire & CO alarms like the Ei3030, you’re investing in the future of home safety. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive protection, streamlined installation, and advanced features.

Find out more about the 3000 series here 

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