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Point of sale : Samac Fixings

A look at the latest display solutions to help increase your in-store purchases.

Samac Fixings has launched its new point of sale (POS) display for its highly acclaimed Performance Range of screws. The eye-catching POS display is intuitively organised, allowing merchant customers to browse through the Performance Range with ease, encouraging sales.

Screw types and sizes are clearly labelled and categorised for effortless selection and informative graphics and product specifications accompany each screw type, helping professionals understand their benefits and recommended applications.

Exceptional performance

Samac Fixings understands the critical role screws play in construction and renovation projects. With a focus on enhancing performance and durability, the company set out to create a premium line of screws that would cater to the specific needs of professionals in the industry. The result is the Performance Range of screws, a meticulously engineered range that have quickly gained a reputation for their exceptional performance and reliability thanks to its high-grade steel, advanced coatings, and precision-engineered features, ensuring unrivalled strength and longevity in every screw.

The new POS gives customers easy access and encouragement to purchase the Performance Plus wood screws, the Performance Exterior screws, ideal for outdoor ironmongery work, the Performance Decking screws and the Performance Structural screws.

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