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Makita | Impact driver

Makita has introduced a new impact driver to its powerful XGT range.

Offering the same benefits as its predecessor, the leading manufacturer has introduced new dual spring technology and enhanced anvil stability for less bit wobble with its new TD002G 40VMax XGT Brushless Impact Driver.

Powered by a 40VMax XGT Li-Ion battery, the heavy duty TD002G 40VMax XGT Brushless Impact Driver delivers a maximum fastening torque of 220N/m, a no-load speed of up to 3,700rpm and up to 4,600 impacts per minute.

Notably, Makita has developed a new dual spring mechanism for this impressive tool, consisting of two types of springs with different load capacities to adjust impact power according to the workload whilst helping to reduce recoil and vibration. This enables more comfortable operation across a wider range of applications, from light-duty screw tightening to heavy-duty metal fastening where the second spring is utilised.

Furthermore, an increased screw tightening speed enables greater working efficiency – between 10% and 25% faster, depending on the type of screws being used. Users will also appreciate the one-touch bit installation which has been refined to remove resistance when inserting the bit. As such, screwdriver bits can be inserted easily with one hand without needing to pull back the chuck collar.

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