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PEW talks to Nick Poulson about Carhartt looking for electrical wholesaler stockists throughout 2023

Carhartt, the authentic workwear brand founded in 1889 in Detroit, Michigan, is looking for electrical wholesaler stockists throughout 2023. PEW talks to Nick Poulson, UK Country Manager, to find out more.

Carhartt has a long history stretching over 130 years – how did it start?

We might be a big global company now, but we started with just two sewing machines in a tiny Detroit loft! Our founder was Hamilton Carhartt, affectionately known as Ham, back in 1889. He started by producing overalls with those two sewing machines and a half-horsepower electric motor under the motto, “Honest value for an honest dollar”. Then the iconic Carhartt bib overall was created and it quickly set the standard for quality workwear.

For over 130 years, we have been known for our rugged construction and innovative designs. We set exceptional quality standards and ensure all our workwear is durable and comfortable – our brand has become legendary among skilled tradespeople! Right from the start, the company established a new standard of performance and it continues to meet the evolving needs of hardworking people, for instance by weather-proofing its product line to provide the 24/7, year-round solutions they need in the rugged outdoors – especially on the construction site.


Why have you decided to focus on growing UK stockists now?

The time is right! Our heritage is built on tough workwear specifically designed for hard working professionals and is really well suited to the exacting standards tradespeople need here in the, let’s face it, often rainy and cold UK! We are keen to talk to electrical wholesalers and buying groups over the coming months and all our wholesaler customers can be reassured by the size of our operation and quality of our products – Carhartt is truly a global brand with over 5,400 employees worldwide.


How are you supporting the push for more wholesaler stockists? Does it include point of sale, for instance?

Very much so. The increased focus in the United Kingdom includes the opening of our office in Newark, Nottinghamshire, and a UK field sales team that is growing and supporting electrical wholesalers. Carhartt workwear is a brand that tradespeople really want, seek out and our point of sale is really eye catching and reflects our authentic, hardworking ethos.


What types of workwear does the company make today?

Essentially, whatever construction work your customers are tackling, we’ve got their back. The workwear ranges from tough and comfortable work trousers, rugged and durable work jackets, fast drying and work T-shirts to certified safety shoes and work boots. We also design workwear specifically for women. These designs fit and protect better and are therefore much safer.

The trade can rely on our workwear to protect them, while looking great out on site. Our workwear is designed specifically for the tough construction site, and strong enough to get you through any working day, no matter how exacting it is. Our founder, Ham, used to say “when I make a sale, I make a permanent friend”. We keep that ethos in mind to this very day and make sure all our workwear is built to last.


Why do you think your workwear remains so popular with customers?

We have kept a relaxed, ‘authentic’ look to our clothing. Throughout our history, it has been our customers who have helped us identify several pieces of hard working gear as ‘icons’. These are the products that have truly stood the test of time and whether adding pockets, colours, or incorporating our innovative technologies to combat rain, sweat and provide flexibility, at the heart of each product is the durability and reliability customers have come to know and love.

Some tradespeople have kept their jackets and trousers for years. Central to the workwear’s performance are our fabric technologies, which have been designed to provide the ultimate protection, whatever the weather conditions are on the construction site.

If wholesalers are interested who can they contact?

Just drop me, Nick Poulson, an email, it would be great to start a conversation – npoulson@carhartt.com

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