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On the fourth day of Christmas a manufacturer sold to me…

FOUR LED Panels…

Knightsbridge launched this innovative new product in October, as an efficient solution designed to fit a multitude of applications. The panel is available in four sizes (6W, 12W, 18W and 24W) and packed with convenient features, most notably the adjustable bracket on the rear. This received a lot of attention at the recent Elexshow in Sandown Park, due to its unique versatility.

Here are three reasons why it is so versatile:

Adjustable fixing bracket

The adjustable bracket on the rear of the panel, which features fixing clips mounted on a rail-type mechanism, allows recess mounting into existing apertures with a cut-out radius anywhere between 55mm to 250mm (depending on the product size chosen). The same bracket enables the panel to be surface mounted on the ceiling or wall.

Flexible CCT options

The panel can be adjusted to three colour settings (Warm White, Cool White and Daylight), with the chosen CCT locked in place via a simple switch on the rear of the product. This can also be set to ‘SWITCH’ mode enabling the product to be CCT adjustable via a wall switch giving additional control to the end user. This ensures the product is adaptable for multiple commercial, retail, and domestic environments where end-user control may or may not be required.

Easy-fit design options

Finally, in terms of design options, Knightsbridge are selling optional Polished Chrome and Brushed Chrome bezels that can easily be fitted onto the product thanks to an easy-fit magnetic construction. The ultra-low projection (15mm) makes this product the perfect fit for new build and renovation projects, regardless of the mounting option chosen.

For more details, please visit mlaccessories.co.uk

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