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On the fifth day of Christmas a manufacturer sold to me…

FIVE Stag Clips…

To celebrate the festive season, PEW will be showcasing our very own 12 days of christmas. Across 12 days, we will be bringing you the latest products from six manufacturers and point of sales from six Wholesalers.

It has been a busy year for Newcastle-based D-Line, with launch of over thirty new innovative cable management solutions… all in keeping with the company’s ethos to supply superior-by-design products that are ‘quickest to install & look great!’

Additional to its forever expanding range of designer trunkings, the 18th Edition requirement for cables to be supported by fire-rated fixings has inspired new push-in pilot-hole Stag Clips that need no wall plugs or screws, ranges for Armoured Cables, Retro-fit options that fit over pvc trunkings, and Spring Clips for fitment in micro-trunkings or direct-to-surface. Since D-Line’s fire-rated U-clips were the first developed to prevent the risk of cables collapsing to cause potentially fatal entanglements, now the Safe-D ranges encompasses a complete range of solutions.

D-Line’s Saddles utilise a one-piece design requiring a screw fixing in base before installers lay-in the conduit. Installers then simply wrap the Saddle’s extended arm around the conduit, before folding the locking tab to achieve a tight fitment. Compared to traditional saddles, there is no fiddly screws needed for attaching lid to base with installation time being at least halved — & a neat stylish appearance is achieved, smartly complementing trendy installations on brickwork… little wonder then that D-Line’s Safe-D Conduit Saddles have met a fantastic reaction, with 5* reviews and highest compliments from installers. Versions are available for 20mm and 25mm conduits, in white, black, and galvanised finishes.

Made in UK, D-Line products are available from all leading wholesalers, and fire-tested to prove compliance with 18th Edition requirements.

For more information please visit: https://www.d-line-it.com/


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