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Laptops and other power-hungry devices can now be USB-charged directly from the socket thanks to Knightsbridge’s new 63W PD (Power Delivery) wall charger.

Suited to commercial and retail environments such as hotels, cafés, bars and offices, the wall charger is Knightsbridge’s most powerful yet and supports PD, Programmable Power Supply (PPS) and Quick Charge (QC) through two USB-C and one USB-A ports.

With compatible cables, PD and PPS laptops can be charged straight from the socket using a 63W USB-C port, without the need for bulky adaptors. With the latest USB-C interface, many Android and Apple devices also support fast charging PD technology.

PPS fast charging is the most advanced charging technology for USB-C devices. The technology adjusts the voltage and current in real-time, depending on a device’s charging status, feeding it with maximum power.

The sockets are available in a sleek black raised rounded edge model or the premium screwless collection and in the company’s most popular decorative finishes: anthracite, brushed chrome, matt black, and matt white.

The sockets are rated at IP20 for dust ingress of dust and objects over 12mm in diameter; and are also LVD, EMC and ErP certified giving peace of mind to the installer and end user. Further peace of mind is provided by a two-year warranty.

For residential use – and/ or where USB charging is required alongside ‘three pin power’ – Knightsbridge also offers two gang sockets which deliver up to 45W PD over a USB-C port and 18W QC over a USB-A port. Available in curved or square edge, the 45W sockets come in white, anthracite, matt black, matt white and brushed chrome.

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