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Products in Demand October

PEW takes a look at the most sought after products from recent issues of Professional Electrician & Installer magazine to give you an insight into your key customers’ buying behaviour.


Pocket- sized guide

With the recent changes to BS 5839-6:2019, Aico has condensed the information into a pocket-sized guide.

British Standard BS 5839-6:2019 covers specific recommendations for fire alarm systems in all domestic premises and covers both new-build and existing properties. The standard contains a large amount of detail on all aspects relating to the design and installation of fire alarm systems, including the type of alarm to install and the areas of the property to protect.

To further support customers with the changes, Aico has updated its counter mat for Wholesalers. The counter mat has a picture of a house with alarms in situ, providing the information about where to site alarms conforming to the changes in BS 5839-6:2019 Table 1.


Meridian Lighting LED brick and spike lights

The CED Electrical Group continues its 25th Anniversary expanding the Meridian Lighting brand with new LED Brick and Spike Lights.

For pathways and exterior decorative areas, there are six IP54 Brick Lights finished in stainless steel, white or black – each with white or blue colour rendition and powered by 5W LEDs.

In Spike Lights, two IP65 fittings are available – one, finished in black, either for wall use by removing the spike or in-ground with spike; the second available in black or chrome with a fixed spike. Both can use LED GU10 lamps.


HUSH Activ

The new domestic fire alarm from C-Tec offers a range of benefits designed to improve the safety in buildings. The new Grade C domestic fire alarm kit includes:

– A conventional stand-alone Grade C domestic fire detection and alarm system to BS 5839-6 (2019) for use in individual flats and apartments

– All of the devices you need to create a typical LD2 dwelling system (additional ActiV detection and alarm devices available to accommodate larger systems or systems requiring LD1 coverage)

– A controller comes with its own rechargeable 72 hour standby battery and separate mains power supply unit

– Attractively designed EN54 certified detection and alarm devices

– In excess of 10 years battery life in normal usage


Wiser heating system

Drayton has announced a series of updates to its Wiser multi-room heating system, updating its Wiser OpenTherm module.

The new OpenTherm module allows boilers to continuously adapt their system temperatures by forming a connection between the boiler and heating control, providing real time room temperature demand updates. Once the heating control detects the home or individual room is reaching the desired set point room temperature, it will tell the linked OpenTherm boiler to lower the system temperature.

Additionally, Wiser Heat app has been updated to include new functionalities. Under the new ‘Functions’ pull up tab, users will be able to locate the new ‘Boost All’ and ‘Cancel All’ features. ‘Boost All’ will increase the temperature across every room thermostat and radiator thermostat by 2ºC for one hour. After the one-hour period, all boosts will be deactivated and rooms will return to the scheduled temperatures. Alternatively, if the user wants to turn off the boost earlier, they can do so using ‘Cancel All’ in the same pull up tab. When using these new functions, hot water won’t be affected in any way.

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