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Ledvance | Sustainable luminaires

LEDVANCE has launched a new product series, EVERLOOP, featuring luminaires with conveniently replaceable LED light sources and drivers.

Using replaceable parts, EVERLOOP products maximise a luminaire’s lifespan, avoiding the need to dispose of complete luminaires and reducing the number of electrical products going into the waste stream.

EVERLOOP products are not only a sustainable choice but also a convenient one for installers and facility managers. The first model of the series to be available is the LEDVANCE Linear IndiviLED Gen 2 in December 2023, offering both direct and indirect versions with on/off or DALI options respectively. The range offers CRI90 and UGR<19 which makes it perfect for office applications.

With a greater lifespan these luminaires are a sustainable and convenient choice for installers, planners, and facility managers, ensuring sustainable efficiency of industrial and office applications as well as public buildings. In addition to an extended lifetime and reduced waste, benefits include cost savings, as well as allowing buildings to maintain the same looks.

The IndiviLED range will be expanded in spring 2024 with further types in the colour black and accessories to create a complete lighting system.

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