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Knightsbridge launches pop-up USB charging socket


Knightsbridge, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of wiring devices, accessories and lighting, has launched an integrated, two-in-one, pop-up wireless USB charging socket.

The proliferation of hand-held, wearable and other small devices has resulted in a demand for USB charging sites that is almost limitless. The socket is ideal for mounting in kitchen worktops, desks, communal workplace areas and home offices.

Quicker charging

Sitting flush with surfaces and finished in brushed chrome, the pop-up charger frees up wall sockets and reduces the need for charging wires. It supports both Type-A USB charging and Type-C, which is compatible with QC3.0 (Quick Charge) and PD FASTCHARGE*.

The USB charging socket provides both convenience and practicality, offering a two-in-one solution, with wireless pad charging for simple, easy use and the pop-up FASTCHARGE option if needing a boost in a hurry (up to 50% in 30 minutes for compatible devices).

The Type-A outlet delivers 5V DC to a maximum of 2A, while the Type-C provides between 5 and 12V DC. When FASTCHARGE is activated the alternative Type-A port will output at a maximum of  5V DC 1A. Total output is a maximum of 4A when both outlets are in use. The top wireless pad has an effective charging distance between 2 and 5mm and is compatible with Qi wireless charging. Finally, a 230V 50-60Hz plug-in power supply is included with the unit.

For further details of Knightsbridge’s innovative wiring accessory and lighting products, visit: www.mlaccessories.co.uk or call 01582 887760.

*Apple devices do not support PD FASTCHARGE, but the use of certified cables will achieve an optimum charge rate of up to 3A.

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