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LED Flex strip lighting from Knightsbridge is ideal for creating ambient lighting in kitchens, bedrooms and other spaces deserving colourful and energy efficient accents.

Flex’s low profile – from 1.5mm to 2mm – and 8mm width makes it ideal for hard to access, space-constrained locations, while its 3M self-adhesive backing tape provides a robust and durable fixing. Waste is kept to a minimum because installers can cut the LED Flex to fit at 50mm intervals and use the excess elsewhere, re-connecting it to other strips of product where necessary.

Both single and four colour (red, green, blue and white) versions are available, supported by dedicated drivers, controllers and profiles that offer a quick solution to most indoor installations.

The colour-changing RGBW LED Flex are available with smart technology so they can be controlled through Knightsbridge’s proprietary SmartKnight app.

The company has also introduced ‘COB’ single colour seamless strip lighting. COB stands for Chip on Board, meaning the LED diodes are built directly into the printed circuit board. The seamless strip lighting is ideal for illuminating indoor spaces since it offers a larger lighting area than traditional alternatives, resulting in no dark spots and perfect colour consistency and uniformity. The COB strip lighting is supplied with 150mm of cable and is dimmable with the appropriate control.

Rated IP20 for indoor use, the 12V single colour range offers colour temperatures from 3000K to 6500K and light outputs from 510lm per metre upwards in white only. Its 24V equivalent is also for indoor use, but available in various colour temperatures of white as well as red, blue and green. The colour-changing models are rated at IP20 for indoor use and IP67 options are also available.

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