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Katie Plumstead looks at the progress of Elucian since launch | Scolmore Group

From a standing start point when it was first launched by Scolmore in June 2021, the award-winning Elucian by Click consumer unit and circuit protection range has rapidly grown to become the number one choice of the professional electrical contractor. Katie Plumstead, Group Marketing Manager at Scolmore Group, looks at the progress of the brand since launch.

The launch of ‘Elucian by Click’ over two years ago was the result of months of extensive research and consultation with contractors and installers to come up with a range of products that would best suit their requirements when working across a range of projects and would offer them compliance with all the latest regulations. The introduction of the comprehensive range means that wholesalers and installers have access to a one-stop shop for everything wiring accessories related from one of the industry’s most trusted and reliable brands.

Scolmore made a significant investment at the time to ensure that stock levels of the Elucian products were high to meet the anticipated demand, and with orders far exceeding the original projections, this move certainly paid off.

Comprehensive consumer unit range

Designed with the installer in mind, Elucian is an extensive range of metal consumer units that are functional, stylish, and innovative and provide an ideal solution for any residential or light commercial environment. They are packed with features to make installation quick and simple for electricians. The range comprises:

  • combination units
  • garage consumer units
  • split load consumer units
  • straight way consumer units
  • split load consumer units with surge protection

Scolmore has highlighted some of the key features that are making these units stand out in the marketplace and helping installers make an informed choice:

Non-combustible and robust metal housings – ensure compliance with Regulation 421.1.201 of BS 7671:2018 Amd2 detailing the requirements for consumer units and similar switchgear assemblies in domestic premises to be made from a non-combustible material.

Mains Switch Tail Clamp – supplied and pre-fitted on each consumer unit for added stress relief to ensure the Mains Tails terminations do not come loose and to help fix the Mains Switch Isolator more securely to prevent any rocking or movement. The Mains Switch Tail Clamp will accept a maximum of 25mm² double insulated tails.

Knockouts – the units all come supplied with a range of 40mm, 32mm, 25mm and 20mm knockouts making each board universally adaptable for all installation and cable types.

Rear Knockouts – the units also come supplied with rounded rectangular knockouts for easy removal and to provide ample cabling capacity for any installation type.

Earth and Neutral Bar Configuration – each unit has its own specifically configured Earth and Neutral Bar to allow for best practice installation of each board type, neatness of connections and ease of circuit identification.

Backed off Neutral and Earth Bar Screws – for added convenience and to allow quick and easy termination.

Keyway Din Rail – a fast release Keyway Din Rail allows for ease of installation.

MCB style solid blanks for any unused ways. These are din rail mountable and can only be removed when the cover is removed, thus providing additional safety.

Circuit Protection

The Elucian range of protective devices are easy to install, suitable for residential and light commercial environments, and provide protection against earth faults to ensure people’s safety against electrocution and fires. The range comprises:




Blank Modules






Continual investment

Having established a firm footing in the circuit protection sector of the electrical accessories market with its comprehensive line up of products, Scolmore has continued to invest in the Elucian range to provide electricians with products that offer them convenience and easy installation solutions.

Since launch a further 10 products have been developed and added to the range, either to complete the product line up or to provide a solution to a particular installation issue.  These include:

SPD populated units – Elucian Switch-Disconnector Units and Combination Units are both now available with SPDs pre-installed, giving installers greater flexibility when working on a range of projects.

2 Pole (20A) or 4 Pole (25A, 40A and 63A) Modular Contactors in a variety of Normally Open or Normally Closed contact configurations compatible with the Elucian range of Consumer Units.

Single module SPDs – Scolmore has added a slimline version of the existing 2 Pole, Type 2 SPD in a single 18mm module width.

25A rated RCBO – added to the extensive protective devices line-up.

Recessed Frames – designed to fit around 16, 18 and 22 way consumer units, allowing the consumer units to be recess mounted.

Cable entry plates – provide protection against sharp edges for cables and offer a greater rigidity when pulling cables through the rear of the consumer unit.

Pattress mount kit – allows cables to be fed from the top, bottom and either side of the consumer unit.

Scolmore will continue to develop the Elucian offer and respond to feedback from installers to bring further additions to the range.  

Circuit protection – a growing market

According to a report from Grand View Research, the global circuit protection market size was valued at USD 46,844.9 million in 2022 and is expected to advance at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.9% from 2023 to 2030. The growing demand for wireless and connected devices is experiencing growth worldwide, along with proliferating electronic components sales in developing countries, resulting in high demand for circuit protection products for equipment safety, which is a major factor expected to drive the growth of the global market. In addition, stringent government regulations pertaining to the quality of electronic products, along with high demand for fuses, overvoltage protection, and PTC Devices from the automotive and telecommunication sector are factors expected to positively impact the market growth.

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