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Hylec’s new Debox SM40

The latest addition to the Hylec range is the new Debox SM40, which is specifically designed to fit inside the 40mm ceiling apertures of today’s ceiling downlights. The smallest in-line junction box on the market, it is supplied complete with all components, including a 4-pole terminal block suitable for round cables, maximum 24A, and can be wired in seconds.

Using Debox SM40 simply requires the installer to insert the cables into the 4-pole terminal block and tighten the terminal screws, lower the tool-less cable clamps and secure the lid with the supplied locking clip. The locking clip can only be opened with a tool, which complies with current regulations. Debox SM40 is supplied with a spare locking clip, so that should it need to be re-opened subsequent to initial fitting, it can be re-secured with the second locking clip.

There are multiple fix-to-surface options, including using the detachable external fixing lugs found on either side of the Debox. The other Debox junction boxes are the Debox S, the Debox SL and the Debox SL2.

View the features of each junction box at: hylec-apl.com/category/Debox.html

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