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For many years, WISKA’s Combi Junction Box has been used with BW/CW glands for terminating SWA cables under BS 6121.

These glands have a limiting IP rating as standard, require the use of a shroud, and often are used with an earth tag. The use of the earth tag often results in the integratory of the junction box being damaged to ensure earth continuity.

WISKA has now developed a superior solution for these types of installations in the form of ShieldGLAND, an IP68 plastic/brass hybrid cable gland suitable for armoured and SY cables. Available in M20S, M20L, M25 and M32 sizes, it offers superior protection, ease to use and works seamlessly with the Combi junction box series.

The ShieldGLAND replaces the use of the conventional BW/CW gland for cable termination and offers superior protection against dust, dirt and water. Furthermore, the ShieldGLAND’s plastic outer body eliminates the need for a shroud, helping to save time and improve ease of installation.

Thanks to its flexible design, the ShieldGLAND can be used with armoured, SY, CY and non-armoured cables. The ShieldGLAND’s unique adaptable insert allows a wider range of cable acceptance than traditional CW type glands due to its two-part sealing gasket.

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