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Hylec-APL Celebrates 10 years of the Versatile Junction Box – Debox

Michael Crowther, Sales & Marketing Director at Hylec-APL, celebrates 10 years of Debox, the versatile junction box family designed to save electrical installers time and money.

Whether in domestic or commercial settings, junction boxes remain an essential component in any electrical circuit. Functioning as a central hub for wiring connections between fittings or devices and the mains power supply, these vital enclosures provide protection, isolation and easy access for maintenance or inspection. By offering mechanical strength and durable electrical continuity, they also help wiring installations comply with regulations.

However, not all junction boxes are created equal – and installers must take care to use them in a way that ensures consistently safe, reliable and compliant electrical installations. That’s exactly why Hylec-APL introduced its innovative Debox junction box a decade ago. Debox re-imagined the junction box, simplifying installation through virtually tool-free operation and saving time by including everything needed to reliably and safely connect cables.

A decade of Debox

10 years on from its introduction at LuxLive 2014, the Debox series of cable junction boxes now extends to five models to address different application use cases – and millions of units have been sold worldwide since its launch. The entire range has been designed to make installers’ lives easier and save installation time by including everything they need – from integrated terminal blocks with rapid connections and cable clamps to tool-free closure and maintenance-free operation.

Meanwhile, installers are having to deal with increasing numbers of electrical or electronic devices and fixtures – from LED up- and down-lighting to all kinds of smart home and building automation functionality. This often drives up the time, complexity and ultimately cost of installations, as well as the risk of quality and compliance issues.

So, for busy electrical installers looking to quickly and methodically wire up multiple devices or fittings on-site, Debox’s integrated design simplifies and guides them through the process, saving time and money without compromising quality – and crucially, ensuring consistently safe, reliable and compliant installations.

Debox S: the original Debox

Re-imagined and designed to speed up every installation, the original Debox S is a cost-effective, innovative all-in-one cable junction box. Complete with 4-pole 24A UL/VDE-approved terminal block as standard, Debox S conforms to EN60598-1 (GWT 650°C). Pre-fitted with external fixing lugs for fast, easy mounting, Debox S comes complete with everything needed – including in-built cable clamps and locking clip – for rapid, simple and virtually tool-free installation.

Debox SL: the 100% tool-free Debox

Debox SL introduced the first ever completely tool-free in-line electrical junction box. Now featuring a new easier-to-use, double-lever screwless terminal block, Debox SL offers maintenance-free connections. Its safe, fast and reliable 100% tool-free assembly is supplied complete with 4-pole 16A connector block, capable of accommodating 2, 3 or 4 conductors in round or flat profile cable for lighting circuits or power.

Debox SL2: the 5-pole Debox

Debox SL2 is the smallest junction box available with five poles. Each individual 32A screwless lever connector can take up to three conductors and the box features unique push-fit cable clamps. Debox SL2 saves valuable time and makes installation easier for smaller and larger internal wiring jobs, as everything needed is supplied with the box, with no need to use a screwdriver to securely join wires or mount the box itself.

Debox SM40: the miniature Debox

Debox SM40 is the first 4-pole in-line junction box that fits through a 40mm aperture, yet still retains generous cable management space, making Debox SM40 ideal for use in LED lighting applications. As with all Debox junction boxes, Debox SM40 comes ready for use, supplied with everything needed, including the terminal block, making connection simpler and easier. The miniature Debox SM40 is only half the volume of Debox S or SL, making it the most compact 4-pole junction box available.

Debox 11: the outdoor Debox

Debox 11 is a highly versatile surface-mounted junction box for external weatherproof applications. It comes with 10 soft membrane covered cable entries, providing quick puncture-entry and self-sealing rated to IP66. Eight entries are threaded M20, ideal for cable glands, with no need for an internal locknut, offering even higher protection rating to IP67. Five 3-pole screwless connectors are supplied and the housing is made of flame retardant, impact-resistant polypropylene.

Simpler by design

Ergonomic design and convenience for electrical installers are at the heart of the entire Debox range. The design of all models aims to simplify and speed up installation, without compromising quality. All components required are supplied, with no loose screws or parts that can be easily dropped or lost – and the versatile Debox junction box family’s registered design features offer faster, more efficient and therefore cheaper installation through its simple and virtually tool-free use.

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