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How new and innovative products can help to drive sales

As LED lighting continues to dominate the lighting sector, we hear from Ovia about their ongoing investment in new and innovative products which is helping to drive sales through the wholesaler.

According to AMA Research’s latest lighting report (the 15th edition Lighting Market Report – UK 2020-2024) the key driver for the lighting market is the rapid adoption of LED lighting in both the non-domestic and domestic construction sectors. The advent of LED lighting, and the retrofitting of higher priced LED products into conventional lighting, boosted market value significantly between 2015 and 2017 but a sharp fall in LED prices since then has led to a decline in market size in the last two years.

LEDs growth in market share has been underpinned by energy efficiency regulations, leading to the removal from sale of almost all incandescent lighting and most halogen lighting. LEDs now represent the majority of UK lamp sales. LED lamps have seen significant improvements in light output and quality in recent years, including a wider spectrum and warmer white light, helping to boost their acceptability in the market.

With LED lighting increasingly seen as key to improving environmental footprints and driving down energy consumption, the global LED market will continue to grow significantly in 2021 and beyond. Ovia continues to invest heavily in new product development to bring to market lighting solutions that meet the requirements of the electrical contractor. This means products that meet the latest regulations, have energy efficiency and ease of installation as standard and that offer a range of features and benefits that set them apart in the market.

Quality assurance

The purchase of a Goniophotometer device and signing up to the revolutionary LIA Gonio photometry luminaire testing scheme means Ovia can radically speed up the testing process for lighting products. It gives total control and puts both the product development and the final evaluation process in Ovia’s hands. This leads to a much faster turnaround in getting products tested and out into the marketplace and that means wholesale customers will always have access to the very latest stock to sell through.

Generating demand for the wholesaler

 Regular engagement with contractors via social media, a dedicated SGTV YouTube channel, trade magazines and virtual exhibitions and trade shows, allows Ovia to gain constructive insight into how contractors like to work, the issues they face and what they need to help them do their work in the most time-efficient and cost-effective way. It is this valuable feedback from contractors working on the job and often in challenging environments that helps to drive the new product development programme and determines the products that will ultimately be stocked on the wholesalers’ shelves.

Among the raft of new products launched this year are additions to the LED downlights range. Ovia was first to bring a fire-rated downlight to market in 2005 with the award-winning Flameguard fixed, integrated, fire-rated LED downlight. Sixteen years later the company is still investing in the range to further enhance its features and benefits. As a result, all Flameguard fire-rated downlights are now supplied pre-wired with push-fit Flow connectors which feature push-in, low maintenance terminals to offer another time-saving benefit for installers. In a speed test carried out by Ovia, installation times were compared for these fast fit connectors, versus the equivalent screw terminal versions and typically the fast-fit versions were completed in around half the time.

 “It is valuable feedback from contractors working on the job and often in challenging environments that helps to drive the new product development programme ”

Ovia enhanced its commercial LED downlight offering with the addition of a new multi-function dimmable driver that provides its AluPanel range with the flexibility of three dimming options in one driver – Dali, Switch and 1–10V Dimmable. AluPanel is a cost-effective range of IP44-rated recessed LED downlights for the commercial sector which come with a pre-wired fly lead and Flow connector as standard to add speed and convenience during installation. Their slim-line design and shallow build make them ideal for locations where there is limited space for manoeuvre, and they make an ideal option to replace a number of similar fluorescent fittings.

Wholesaler support

Ovia work in close partnership with electrical wholesalers to ensure you have access to the widest possible source of information, resources, and promotional support to help you stand out from the crowd and stay ahead in a highly competitive marketplace. Key to this support is the Marketing Hub – a unique website facility for Premier Stockists which provides a range of tools that wholesalers can use to enhance their own marketing facilities – and all at no extra cost.

Using your own unique login details, wholesalers have access to a whole range of promotional material. Product flyer templates can be downloaded and customised with your own details to optimise sales opportunities. A comprehensive product image library plus a range of literature covering every product category is also available and point of sale material can be accessed on request.

The recent addition of two new sections to the Ovia Marketing Hub offers wholesalers a wealth of additional resources. You can now access the vast library of video material which includes a range of promotional product videos as well as handy ‘how to’ guides to help you identify products and understand their full features and benefits. You can also easily download these videos for your own promotional use.

The second new section provides access to a raft of social media product images and infographics to engage with customers and end users. As the digitalisation of communications continues, Ovia is seeing an increased uptake of social media images and this new feature will ensure you have access to an array of new material to help with your own social media activity.

The commitment to new product development continues and Ovia is currently working on the next phase in the product launch programme with another raft of new products due to hit wholesaler shelves soon. Watch this space…




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