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Delivery results in testing times | Ovia

As it strives to stay ahead of the game in the highly competitive lighting sector, Ovia welcomes the recent endorsement from the Lighting Industry Association, Europe’s largest trade association for lighting equipment professionals.

Ovia made a significant investment in new testing equipment, and a cutting-edge photometry luminaire testing scheme in 2020, to bring the company’s light testing facility in house. The company purchased its own Goniophotometer device and signed up to the revolutionary Gonio photometry luminaire testing scheme, which was created by the Lighting Industry Association (LIA), together with its partner Acal BFi, to enable lighting manufacturers to offer efficient third party certified luminaire performance testing.

Speed and reassurance

As well as radically speeding up the testing process for Ovia’s lighting products, the ground-breaking scheme also offers reassurance when it comes to validating photometric measurements such as Lumens per Watt and related performance claims. The Scheme is built around the class leading Viso systems LabSpion goniometer. Its cutting-edge technology eliminates the need for a traditional goniometer and/or integrating sphere and allows manufacturers to perform these tests quickly and accurately on their own premises, without the need for a large dedicated dark room. It gives participants the ability to scan light sources and luminaires quickly and simply, and create quality, easy to understand light measurement data. Full photometric scans can take from as little as two minutes and once ready, the data is sent securely via a dedicated cloud server to the LIA Laboratory for validation. The LIA Laboratory will then be able to issue third party reports without the need for product samples to be transported around the country or the world.

Magnificent seven

Now, in recognition of Ovia’s laboratory facility, the LIA Laboratory has recently welcomed the company to the LIA Gonio Photometry Scheme as a registered Photometric Laboratory. This certification means that Ovia meets the requirements of the LIA Technical Scheme Document ‘TSD-003 LIA Laboratory Registered Photometric Laboratories’ and thus is a LIA Laboratory Registered Photometric Laboratory for Far-Field Gonio Measurements. Ovia becomes one of an elite group of just seven organisations to have been granted this recognition for its luminaire testing facilities.

Comments Mike Collins, Ovia Sales Director: “The LIA LAB Certification is a tremendous achievement for us coming so soon after we set up the facility and it offers further endorsement and reassurance to our customers that our products meet the very highest standards.

“A significant amount of time and expense is invested in the critical testing element of new product development. What the LIA Gonio Photometry Scheme does is give us total control and puts both the product development and final evaluation process literally in our hands. This means a much faster turnaround in getting products tested and out into the marketplace and this has proved a vital asset as we continue to expand and develop the Ovia lighting range.”

He concludes: “As well as providing upfront validation of the performance of new products being developed it will also be vital in our ongoing surveillance to ensure that further batches of products being brought in are guaranteed to be of the same consistency in performance and quality.”

The future is bright

In November this year, Ovia will have been trading as an independent lighting organisation for three years. The company continues to invest in new products and solutions to bring to the professional electrical contract market a vast range of high quality, competitively priced products that are available exclusively through the reliable wholesale channel.

The product offer currently covers a wide range of sectors and includes domestic, commercial, industrial, utility, amenity, emergency lighting and floodlighting. Complementing the lighting products offer is a range of sensors to control devices – microwave and PIR control options. The benefits are numerous – they can add convenience, help save costs, improve safety and reduce environmental impact.

With an impressive 900 individual product lines already available, installers can have confidence that there is a lighting product or solution to meet their every requirement. Later this year the company will launch its fourth Ovia lighting catalogue. Issue 4 promises to be bigger than ever, with the introduction of innovative new products that will continue to meet the demands of the evolving lighting sector. Ovia has a huge resource to call on and a very experienced team in place to manage stocks and the supply chain to ensure that the company continues to deliver a first class service to its customers.

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