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Deligo | Fixing packs

Deligo has introduced a range of one-price ‘Fixing Packs’ to its ever-expanding product portfolio.

Deligo is often asked for this type of product in relatively small quantities and previously the only option was for the wholesaler to tempt the user into buying a box or being left with a ‘split box’ on their shelf- both problematic in their own way.

These packs allow the end user to select and purchase the correct product for the job and cheaply test what may well be a new product to them. Each pack is resealable to minimise waste and is printed with full instructions and specifications for its use.

For the wholesaler this is a great way to showcase their fixings range. The packs are perfect for promoting sales for larger/bulk quantities and save the wholesaler the hassle of breaking down boxed Deligo stock in this range – a costly nuisance, especially come stock take time.

As an easy introduction to these products, Deligo has included them in the ever-popular ‘Snap, Send, Spend’ promotion that offers a ‘money back’ opportunity for wholesalers. Details of this can be found on the website or by contacting the sales team.

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