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All the right components

Europa Components details its latest point of sale material, designed to provide the solutions specified to the wholesalers’ needs, when they need it.

As part of its drive towards wholesaler profitability and end user accessibility, the newly established “FLEX” profile system is designed to put products that sell on the shelves, whilst reducing returns and driving return business for the wholesaler.

The traditional style of wholesaler point of sale is bulky, fixed, cumbersome, not to mention expensive, and detrimental to the environment.

Tailor made
Based on the most popular control gear lines and presented in clam packaging, there is a profile to suit  individual location needs whether it is contactor and overload profile, or TPN board and accessories profile.

The requirements for wholesalers are individual and unique, knowing this, Europa has developed FLEX to be a bespoke and tailored solution to suit the needs of the wholesaler.

The company supplies a range of branch solutions that include free of charge elements meaning that space and cost-effective solutions are available for any branch to become a control gear stockist.

This includes display products, clam packaging, wall fittings and accompanying literature.

Control gear offers one of the highest return profit margins per sale across all product ranges to the wholesaler.

For more information or a FLEX catalogue, email: marketing@europacomponents.com

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