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Aico | Fire & co alarm

Aico has introduced the newest innovation in Multi-Sensor alarms – the Ei3030 Multi-Sensor Fire and Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm.

The flagship alarm in Aico’s technologically advanced 3000 Series, the Ei3030 combines individual optical, heat and CO sensors, for the ultimate fire and CO response.

Aico continues to evolve its offering to provide products that align with its customers’ requirements while maintaining the simplicity that Installers love.

The Ei3030 multi-sensor Fire and CO specifications include:

  • Fire Response – The device contains a thermistor heat sensor and high-performance optical sensor that intelligently work together, but will also operate independently.
  • CO Response – The proven electrochemical CO Sensor provides an accurate CO response. The CO response is in line with BS EN 50291-1:2018.
  • Visual Indicators – The Ei3030 has visual fire and CO indicators. The relevant indicator flashes depending on what has triggered the alarm.
  • Kitemarks – This device holds Kitemarks for British Standards BS EN 14604:2005, BS 5446-2:2003 and BS EN 50291-1:2018.

The Ei3030 also has a range of additional benefits, including built-in dust compensation technology. The unique self-monitoring dust compensation mechanism reduces the risk of false alarms. The optical sensor chamber continually self-monitors minute changes in dust levels, automatically recalibrating the alarm’s trigger point when necessary to reduce false alarms.

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