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Why you should be broadening time control offerings | Timeguard

Andy Douglas of Timeguard makes the case for broadening time control offerings.

The energy price spike has put time controllers for domestic and lighter commercial applications front and centre. At the mid to high end of the market, investment in latest componentry and good product engineering enables manufacturers to pack a lot of extra functionality into compact units and means that you can keep broadening your offer.

Ranging from more-sophisticated timing options with easier programming for users, Wi-Fi control, integrated fused spur protection, or a boost function for timed extra heating or lighting with no risk of accidentally leaving appliances switched on, there are plenty of options from trusted manufacturers, who also give you the added reassurance of branded quality and support. You’ll already be choosing your suppliers based on performance, reliability, product specifications and high quality as after all, no one wants returns after the sale, so why not see what else your trusted partners have to offer?

Extra features

Between them, the 13A and 16A devices cover the majority of applications where energy saving time control is important to users. What we have seen in recent years is that expectations in the 16A market have been raised. It’s no longer going to be acceptable to settle for basic workhorse functionality, or just replace an older model like for like just because the site is industrial/commercial.

Timeguard has already added better, intuitive electronic time control and user-friendly features like neon indicators to its range of surface or flush mount controls, making it even easier to see the status of the time switch without having to get up close to read the display. For programming and adjustments, large screen displays are also included with back lighting to help where the unit is installed in a dark corner.

The voltage free contacts option of all these time controllers can be used for switching external equipment such pumps or a lighting circuit. These are also a standard feature the switches we offer as direct replacements for round pattern switches that are still commonly found, enabling them to be replaced with devices adding new functionality without any major rewiring – no small consideration when contractors are managing project costs.

DIN rail and smart timing

DIN rail mounted switches still seem to rank fairly low in mainstream wholesaler catalogues, but we see opportunities ahead as specifiers look for ways to add functionality and boost performance. As part of the Theben group, Timeguard offers one of the widest ranges of single and multi-channel DIN rail mounted time switches, with the most popular available from stock in the UK .

We all need to be mindful, too, of the relentless progress towards truly smart, integrated and energy-efficient building control. It is no longer just for big projects where contractors and manufacturers deal direct, it’s fast becoming mainstream and a wholesaler revenue stream.

As the potential for profitability and more enjoyable work encourages more general installers to upskill, demand for smarter controls among your traditional customer base will inevitably rise.

Smart tech is relatively expensive to buy and stock, and installers are more likely to collect – and pay for it just in time. So, you’ll want a partner who enables you to be able to offer the right products and call them off as needed, and one who supports you with a positive market pricing policy to help you retain that all important margin.

There are plenty of vested (proprietary) interests in the smart tech market, but our money is increasingly on the manufacturer-independent open system approach.

Here manufacturers collaborate to produce compatible controls that all speak the same language (KNX). Time control, by programmed timing or presence/absence detection is the foundation of any smart control system and these are areas where Theben is an international market leader. The Group has been a champion of the KNX standard which opens this market up to more participants – including your customer base – and in our own, UK-based Paul Foulkes we have one it’s the most experienced advocates who is doing a sterling job of helping to grow the market for you. Is it time to put your toe in the water?

We cannot predict how long this energy crisis will last but, as we brace for more price hikes in the Autumn, we can be sure that everyone will be trying to find new ways of cutting consumption, and that will aways start with better time control – across the board.

The full range of Timeguard time controllers can be found here

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