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Vogue | trends that will help you stand out in a competitive market


Electric-only heating designs are coming of age as consumers are seeking products which are high quality, stylish, energy efficient and easy to install. Steve Birch, Sales Director, Vogue (UK) looks at the key trends that will help you stand out in a competitive market, with impressive electric alternatives. 

Nowadays, the bathroom is geared around ease and efficiency, especially when managing the needs of multiple users in a busy household. This is why today’s electric heating solutions being completely independent unit to the home’s heating system, remains a popular choice for quick refurbishment projects and retro-fitting.  

With market trends showing that personalisation is key for the modern homeowner, it is now possible to find an electric version of more classic column-style radiators in order to bring a traditional and refined air of elegance to the bathroom. And even better, for the discerning client who wants something a little more customised, premium manufacturers are now making electric heating designs available in a plethora of RAL finishes for that unique edge to complement today’s trends and eclectic décors. We are finding that dark, urban colours such as black and grey are growing in popularity, and the ability to offer ‘something extra’ in terms of colour-matching or bespoke options is increasingly important in a competitive marketplace.

What’s on trend

Be it warm or cool, smooth or textured, metallic elements have also become a key part of today’s bathroom and have returned season after season as the go-to finishing touch. Richer by design and in tone, warm metallic finishes are synonymous with more period-style bathroom interiors that require a heightened level of authentic luxury. At the other end of the colour spectrum, cool metallic finishes have become a prerequisite of the modern bathroom, where grey-blue heating designs help to create a clean, contemporary aesthetic.

However, electric heating design is now bridging the gap between contemporary and traditional bathroom interiors, now able to be designed in a spectrum of colours, metallic and even textured finishes. Enhancing the home experience with custom interior design is therefore a major lifestyle trend this year, as bespoke designs and colour-match finishes are set to dominate electric heating in the bathroom.

Contemporary styles are also available for those who prefer a more minimalist-style radiator and we are noting that features like integral economy functions and frost protection are very helpful for those who want to monitor their heating costs. Other useful features on the latest models include digital programmable technology, which can be safety locked to prevent any accidental alterations.

There are contemporary style options for available for minimalist-style radiators.

As we move into the height of the home renovation season, pointing out the benefits of electric heating can pay dividends, especially if your customer is trying to heat a converted home office space or garden room, which would not naturally lend itself to central heating: so do bear in mind that electric options can become your secret weapon when serving individual needs and offering the ultimate in customer service.

Style all year round

Even though the general public tends to turn their heating on during the autumn and winter months, it makes sense to see that an electric towel warmer is a valuable addition in the bathroom, all year round. Providing a dedicated space to warm and dry towels, electric towel rails can be installed quickly and easily by avoiding the need for additional plumbing and pipework. There is also growing interest in combination dryers, which will assist in airing and drying clothes which can assist in the laundry room. If the job requires more flexibility, then the dual fuel option has the capability to run from a central heating circuit or an electric element: handy in the summer months when the central heating is turned off.

Key selling points

Extremely low-maintenance, opting for electric-only heating means the homeowner is not subject to budgeting for annual servicing and the potential for leaks to be traced and fixed inside the bathroom walls, along with the subsequent upheaval while problems are remedied. Electric heating is available to suit all tastes from contemporary ladder rails to more traditional looks and we are finding that wall-mounted options are the most user-friendly as end users can reach towels comfortably and also free-up valuable floor space: ideal in compact bathroom spaces like a cloakroom or ensuite.

Electric underfloor heating is another great alternative when central heating is not available and is also ideal for renovations, extensions and self-build projects. Discreetly versatile, EUFH can be fit alongside a premium towel rail or radiator with minimum fuss and disruption to the home. Suitable for any room, of any size, underfloor heating can be fitted as a primary source of heating, or installed in addition to a practical heated towel rail or statement radiator for luxurious comfort-heating.


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