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Twice as fast charging with Scolmore’s twin USB charging port

Scolmore has upgraded its 13A 2-Gang USB socket which now features 2 USB charging ports which are both capable of delivering 5V 2.1A simultaneously.

This allows for optimum charging of two devices at the same time, without fear of fluctuations in the power supply interfering with the charging process.

Unlike some products on the market, the total power available is 4.2A, thus allowing both ports to deliver 2.1A at the same time, so you are guaranteed optimum charge every time, regardless of the devices being charged.

This latest development is part of a redesign of Scolmore’s USB sockets range which sees the location of the USB ports on the 2-gang socket moved from underneath the switch and socket outlets to above each individual socket outlet on the outer edge of the plate.

The 13A 1-gang socket outlets with 2.A USB also now feature a new location for the USB port – from underneath the switch on the right, to above the socket outlet on the left.

The new-look, upgraded 1 and 2-gang USB sockets are available in all Click ranges – Mode, Polar, Deco, Deco+, Definity, Define and Metalclad. Because the redesigned PCB has allowed the components to be more spread out, this has had an impact on the overall depth of the product, allowing the majority of the range to fit inside a 25mm back box.

Mode, Deco, Deco+ and Polar USB sockets can be fitted into a 25mm back box. Definity and Define USB sockets require a 35mm back box and Metalclad USB sockets are supplied complete with a 40mm back box.

They are all fully compliant with the most current and up to date set of USB test standards including BS 1363: 2016+A1: 2018, BS EN 62890-1-1: 2015 and BS EN 62368-1: 2014.

For further information, contact Scolmore on 01827 63454, or visit www.scolmore.com.

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