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Throwing Light on Electrical Work in the Shadows | Jefferson Tools

With traditional power often unavailable, standalone lighting and power generation tools can bridge the gap, highlights Darren Binns, National Sales Manager at Jefferson Tools.

In the everyday world of electrical installations and maintenance, electricians often encounter the challenge of working without direct access to power. This not only hampers efficiency but also poses significant safety risks. Shining a light on this issue is Jefferson Tools, whose extensive ranges of on-site lighting and power generation tools are designed to prove indispensable.

Smart solutions to the rescue
Lack of direct power access on new installation sites or during maintenance work is a common issue that electricians face, significantly limiting productivity and causing delays. Poorly lit environments can increase the risk of accidents, affecting both project timelines and worker safety. Fortunately, there is a solution. Jefferson Tools recommends having a power generator on-site, with the 2.8kVA Petrol Generator being an essential tool for any professional electrician.

With its robust MacGen 5.5HP engine, this generator delivers reliable power, offering both 230V and 110V sockets to cater to a wide range of power needs on-site. Our focus is on creating solutions that not just meet but exceed the expectations of professionals in the field, and this model is a prime example of this.

Adding to this line-up, the Dynamo 430A Starter Charger emerges as a useful tool for keeping essential equipment charged and ready. Suitable for a range of battery sizes, it features a variable charging rate, a large ammeter display, and safety features such as a dash-mounted fuse and polarity protection. This makes it indispensable for maintaining the flow of work without interruptions.

Complementing the power solutions, the Lumens LED Rechargeable Work Light is a versatile lighting option for various electrical tasks. Made from durable thermoplastic, this compact and lightweight work light ensures reliable illumination wherever needed. With its 360° reflex angle and three working modes, it enhances functionality and safety on-site. It includes a built-in Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, providing up to three hours of continuous light, and comes with a 1m USB recharging cable, making it a convenient solution for any project.

In addition, the 200lm Rechargeable Headlamp with Motion Sensor offers maximum levels of convenience and efficiency. Its hands-free operation and adjustable lighting angles are invaluable for tasks that require both precision and mobility, allowing electricians to focus on their work with both hands.

Safety First

Ensuring safety on-site is crucial for electricians working with power generation equipment. Firstly, it’s essential to familiarise oneself with the operation and maintenance procedures outlined in the product manuals for each tool. Proper training on how to safely use, handle and store these tools goes without question.

When using portable generators, it’s crucial to place them on stable, level ground and keep them away from flammable materials to reduce the risk of fire. Regular inspections of tools and equipment for any signs of damage or malfunction should be conducted, and faulty items should be promptly repaired or replaced. Lastly, maintaining a clean and organised work environment can minimise tripping hazards and enhance overall safety on the construction site,” he concludes.

What’s next in electrical work?
As we cast our eyes towards what’s next in electrical work, it’s evident that a practical yet smart approach to power and lighting supply is key to enhancing both the safety and productivity of worksites. Advanced power generators and lighting tools, designed to meet the high demands of modern electrical projects, play a crucial role in overcoming the challenges posed by sites without direct power access. By integrating such technologies, electricians can ensure projects proceed uninterrupted, safeguarding against delays and enhancing on-site safety.

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