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Thorn luminaires ‘SELECTED’ for HQ lighting upgrade

When Scotland’s largest trade association, SELECT, required an upgrade for the lighting in its headquarters, its former president and experienced electrical contractor John Noble invited Thorn Lighting to provide an energy efficient solution.

Working on a brief to modernise the spaces while taking into consideration daylight levels, Thorn Lighting supplied a variety of luminaires in the entrance foyer, main office, car park and subsidiary offices.

The main challenge for the lighting design at The Walled Garden in Penicuik, outside Edinburgh, was to provide a new dimmable solution in a continuous row system without introducing any additional wiring. The chosen solution was Thorn’s IQ Wave suspended continuous luminaires with integral through wiring, dimming gear and mini sensors.

IQ Wave is an intelligent lighting system with integral controls that responds to presence/absence detection and the amount of daylight in the space. No new wiring points were required for the lighting design as all the existing points were utilised by John and his team, who carried out the work.

Electrical contractor John Noble, whose team carried out the work, said: “The Thorn luminaires were selected for their high quality and advanced functionality, and were simple to install in all locations at The Walled Garden.”

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