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Thorn lighting | Recessed panel

Designed for the demands of today’s world, Omega Moduline is a stylish recessed LED panel perfect for education and office usage.

Not only is it high performance, the luminaire features replaceable LED modules and is easy to install.

Available in three panel sizes (600×600, 625×625 and 300x1200mm), Omega Moduline features two linear LED modules both containing 12 cells with primary lens optics. It also features an output of up to 5000lm that is carefully controlled to provide low glare light (UGR <19) as well as a high efficacy of up to 153lm/W.

A choice of colour temperatures are offered, including 3000 K and 4000 K. In addition, Omega Moduline is available with Variable Colour Temperature (VCT) technology which uses high-quality LEDs to tune the colour temperature from a warm 2700 K up to a very cool 6500 K, depending on the needs of a space.

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