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Legrand UK & Ireland has further expanded its Cablofil steel wire cable tray range with the introduction of the Fasclic+, a new integrated coupling system for its wire mesh cable trays, available in several material finishes and available in all depths.

Fasclic+ was developed in line with Legrand’s ‘Faster by Design’ ethos, with lengths designed for toolless installation so contractors can quickly and easily install the system without nuts and bolts. Its welded side and base couplers mean the range retains optimal mechanical strength and has been fully load tested in accordance with IEC 61537:2023. Fasclic+ can also be installed in even the tightest of spaces due to the intelligent design and positioning of the welded couplers.

The range is also compatible with standard Cablofil lengths. The new design ensures electrical continuity, minimises dust or debris retention, and is available in 30mm, 54mm, 105mm and 150mm depth options. Fasclic+ also comes in different material finishes to meet the different challenges of varying industrial and commercial environments, meaning all customers can benefit from the fast fit solution.

These materials include 304L and 316L stainless steels, zinc-aluminium and electrogalvanized steel, making the range suitable for several applications, such as data centres, food processing and infrastructure. All Fasclic+ lengths are produced at Legrand Group’s manufacturing facility in France, which has recently received significant investment that has been key to the range’s expansion.

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