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The whole package approach

When customers come to purchase cable management solutions, it is crucial that a holistic approach is taken to ensure the entire installation is compliant. Here, Nick Hayler, Technical and Product QA Manager at Marshall-Tufflex, discusses what wholesalers should know to advise their customers.

 The proper selection and installation of cable management products is crucial to ensuring that data and cabling are correctly routed and cannot be compromised. However, electricians also need to be fully informed on Building Regulations to ensure not only a correct fit for the job at hand, but also to meet accessibility requirements. In addition, regulations around cable management also come into play regarding the health and safety of building occupants and, in the event of a fire, the rescue services.

Certain accessories are therefore mandatory and could even save lives. Whilst installation and compliance is down to the electrician, wholesalers can provide added value by being able to inform customers of what is required to ensure an installation is fully compliant.

BS 7671 – The hot topic

As wholesalers and electricians will be aware, changes were made to the BS 7671 IET Wiring Regulations (18th Edition) in January 2019, and that Regulation 521.10.201, has now been replaced by Regulation 521.10.202.

Originally, installers were only required to support wiring systems against premature collapse along pre-determined fire escape routes. Following a number of injuries and the tragic deaths of a firefighter, the regulations were reviewed and Regulation 521.10.202 now stipulates that cables must be supported throughout the entire building.

This is because, in the event of a fire, the structure of the building can become unpredictable and cable housing can be destroyed by the heat, causing unsecured cables to fall and entangle evacuating occupants and emergency services.

These changes also now mean that that the sole use of non-metallic cable clips to secure cabling is no longer acceptable in installations cables not housed within cable management systems will need to be securely attached to the structure of the building using fixings that will not be destroyed by fire.

Therefore, wholesalers should ensure their customers are purchasing high quality fire clips that meet all necessary requirements and guarantee performance in the event of a fire, such as the Firefly Fire Clips range from Marshall-Tufflex. Each product has been designed to be fire resistant above 1000°C for up to 120 minutes. Suitable for use with multiple products in its cable management catalogue, the fire clips are easy and comfortable to install with rounded ends, and there are a choice of robust clips and straps for use when installing 20 or 25mm conduit.

Part M

Approved Document M covers the ease of access to, and use of, buildings and facilities for disabled visitors or occupants, and the ability to move through a building easily. The document also covers cable management solutions, to ensure switches and plugs can be easily located and used by building occupants and visitors with impaired vision.

Here, ensure you are informing your customers that they should be using accessory boxes and plates of contrasting colours so that they are easily found and accessible.

Cat’s out the bag

If your customer is installing cable management solutions for data requirements, it is of great benefit to stock products from a manufacturer that can provide products to cover all sizes – Cat 5, 6, 7 and 7a.

Know your environment

Furthermore, when selling items as an inclusive package, it is of course important to consider the cable management solution itself.

Climate change and the environment have been making headlines over the years, and with an estimated 25 million tonnes of waste from the construction industry going to landfill sites every year, there is huge opportunity for wholesalers to keep their customers informed about the impact they will have by purchasing a sustainable product.

Responsible PVC-U cable management manufacturers, such as Marshall-Tufflex, is leading the way in providing such products. Its cable management solutions are manufactured using recycled PVC-U from window frames. This aids not only in the robustness of the material, as it was originally designed for external use, this also reduces waste and lowers environmental impact of manufacturing significantly – so significantly, in fact, that this saves the equivalent of 300 double decker buses worth of plastic going into landfill every year.

By keeping customers informed of a holistic approach to cable management, wholesalers can take advantage of an upselling opportunity whilst providing knowledgeable and reputable customer service.

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