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Armorduct | Adjustable couplers

Armorduct is launching the UK’s first adjustable coupler for its modular cable management systems. It will give installers the flexibility to adapt their solution quickly when faced with unforeseen difficulties on site.

The coupler provides up to 100mm of adjustment for Armorduct’s cable tray, trunking and basket systems in all sizes and is available in pre-galvanised, MagnelisR and stainless steel.

Talking about the adjustable couplers, James Wood, national business development manager at Amorduct, said: “The whole point of having a modular system developed for an installation is to make installation simple and fast. But sometimes you will find that in reality you need to have a system that is flexible enough to adapt. It might be because there is an obstruction or perhaps a building is not quite square which can throw your measurements out by a few centimetres.

“If you then have to cut lengths of trunking or basket to size and then treat the cut ends to maintain its protection, you are defeating the whole purpose of having a modular fit and forget system.

“Our adjustable couplers give the installer that bit of flexibility to overcome such problems.  This simple solution will save a lot of time on site.”

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