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The incredible Bulkhead

Alexey Terebenin, Director at Mark Lighting, looks at why bulkheads are the ‘workhorse’ of LEDs.

LED bulkheads generally cost less to run than other types of light since they use less energy. Designed for practical use, there are various types of bulkheads available to suit different applications.

Enlightened exteriors

Bulkheads are a practical and economical way of lighting outdoor spaces. Wall-mounted bulkheads are perfect for illuminating doorways, paths and garages; they are functional, with an emphasis on energy efficiency and durability.

The Mark Lighting LED oval bulkhead is an IP65-rated luminaire, meaning it provides a high level of protection against water and dust. This makes it ideal for exterior applications as it can withstand difficult weather conditions.

The oval bulkhead is 12W and provides 1050 lumens. It is available in 4,000K – a cool white colour that is useful for task lighting. The look of the light fitting can be altered to suit the aesthetics of the space – it includes three interchangeable covers at no extra cost. This includes: oval black, small oval white, and a black cover that creates an up/down light.

A water-resistant solution

Durable and energy efficient, our standard round LED bulkhead is one of our best-selling products. Its IP54 rating means it is water-resistant, making it ideal for bathrooms, cloakrooms or kitchens. It can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. The round bulkhead is 14W, provides 1,000 lumens and is available in 4,000 or 6,500K.

Bulkhead LEDs used for commercial and industrial applications are often required to meet specific needs, such as motion detectors and emergency lighting.

A model for every application

In addition to the standard option, the round LED bulkhead is available in three other models: maintained emergency, microwave sensor, and a combined microwave and emergency option.

The emergency model has a battery pack that provides three hours of emergency operation in case of a power cut – ideal for use on fire escapes. It can be mounted on the wall or ceiling.

The microwave sensor model allows you to adjust the detection zone, meaning the light is only triggered when someone walks into the room or corridor. A money-saving lighting solution, this is perfect for student accommodation to ensure lights are not left on. The third model combines these two features.

A small solution

The Mark Lighting range also includes a small round and small oval LED bulkhead, both IP54 rated, that is smaller and narrower than its standard counterpart. These 8W options provide 560 lumens are available in 4,000K. The lower price point makes it a cost-effective lighting solution for utility rooms or sheds.

For more information on Mark Lighting’s LED bulkhead range, visit: www.rdr.link/WH012

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