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A new expansion of the BG SyncEV range, Balancer introduces multi-charger load management for properties using BG SyncEV chargers with no additional subscription cost.

The BG SyncEV Balancer load management system is engineered to integrate with existing building wiring and support up to 16 chargers. The device dynamically monitors available power and communicates with connected chargers to ensure each receives equal power, allowing for easy expansion with additional chargers in the future.

Optimising power usage, it provides dynamic load management, to allocate available power from the building to connected vehicles. This ensures efficient charging without the need for complex queuing systems and allows for more vehicles to be charged simultaneously without exceeding a building’s safe power limits.

The Balancer operates locally without requiring an ongoing network connection or costly subscription, providing a cost-effective solution for commercial EV charging.

The BG SyncEV Balancer detects and accommodates the number of chargers connected, handling up to 16 chargers with ease. This future-proofs EV installations by ensuring businesses can easily install and expand their EV charging capacity as charging needs evolve and prevents the need for complex set ups and costly modifications.

This compact balancer, with three options available in both single and three phase, can be stocked and stored efficiently and it provides a cost-effective, easy to install solution for any EV installation company. As more people purchase electric vehicles and the infrastructure to support them expands, the demand for easy solutions like BG SyncEV Balancer load management system is set to grow.

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