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Need to cut time out of your lengthy stock replenishing process?

 Manufacturer of cable installation products, WISKA, talks to PEW about its new e-commerce platform designed to do just that.

For a number of years now the relationship between business and consumer online experience has been vastly different. Consumers can browse and shop online with access to a wealth of detailed information including images, prices, stock availability as well as technical details and personalised offers and recommendations.

Business to business, however, still relies heavily on very manual lead processing. Phoning for availability and pricing, manually writing and inputting orders, posting paperwork and catalogues, generally having to ask manufacturers and suppliers for the information and details, you should have at your fingertips.

Enter, WISKA, specialists in the manufacture and supply of a quality range of cable glands, junction boxes and gel/gel jointing products. This summer will see the company launch a new sales channel called WISKA Online. The new B2B ecommerce platform offers real multichannel capability and B2B e-commerce features and personalisation.

“WISKA Online will allow approved stockist’s to purchase products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is designed with users in mind.” Comments Will Rich, WISKA UK Managing Director. “It is part of our continued effort to focus, improve and elevate our level of customer service.”

Added extras

With exclusive online incentives, promotions, news and product information, WISKA Online is designed to allow your business to stay up to date with the latest solutions and events. The company says that the new online platform will provide the wholesaler with the information and support to provide their customers exceptional service and product knowledge.

“The customer is our highest priority at WISKA.” Comments Elliott Rothon, WISKA UK Marketing Manager. “WISKA Online offers our customers greater control over how they do business with us.”

Shop like a consumer: 

The company says that its e-commerce platform offers an intuitive, consumer-style experience, integrating directly with WISKA’s back-office systems. This means the website stays completely up to date with the latest stock availability, pricing and promotions. This information is specifically tailored to the user’s personal account details and preferences. Sales orders are processed instantly without the need for manual data reentry, reducing the risk of human error.

Users are provided with an order confirmation e-mail and can track the progress of their goods at every stage. Furthermore, the online account tools allow you to view current and past orders, change contact and delivery details, view and download invoices and edit security details. Favourites allow you to build up a quick database of products that are regularly purchased, designed to make ordering stock quick and easy. Alternatively, you can instantly input product codes and quantities using the Quick Order function or by uploading your CSV files.

To visit the WISKA website click here.

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